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Eight Days Of Hannukkah

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2013/11/24

Hannukkah begins on Americans’ Thanksgiving this year. So for you Israelis, American Jews, and Jews worldwide that visit, we give you this song.

What else can you say about a song written by a Mormon Senator from Utah with the music written by a Jewish writer of Christian Contemporary music and sung by a Syrian woman from Indiana with backup vocals by Jewish children and the Mormon Senator other than take a listen and be uplifted?

We here at Truth Before Dishonor are Conservative. We are predominantly Christian. That means beyond any shadow of a doubt we are pro-Israel and pro-Jew. This uplifting Hannukkah song is merely a representation of our love for the Jews and for Israel, and a gift to all who visit, Jew or Gentile.

3 Responses to “Eight Days Of Hannukkah”

  1. Brittius said

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  2. James said

    I am a jew that believes in Yeshua that most call Jesus. Thank you for this post.


  3. You’re welcome, James, and welcome. I hope you return often and join the small group of commenters. I looked at your blog and found it to be interesting. As Spock would say, intriguing.


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