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Perry Hood From Lewes Delaware Still Banned

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2013/10/15

in all his sock-puppets from TBD, as he has been banned from here for more than 2 years. Other authors may permit the lying dirtball to comment if they so choose to temporarily waive the ban for their particular articles if they so desire.

But that doesn’t change the fact he is liefully using a sock to get around the banning software.


6 Responses to “Perry Hood From Lewes Delaware Still Banned”

  1. AOTC said

    hi hitch!!!

    it was pretty funny watching the dirtball post to then find his posts removed and an editorial explanation in their place. can you imagine how he must have twisted in the wind frustrated with that. dnw knows how to annoy a leftist.

    it was delicious. heh


  2. Torquing tools can be fun sometimes. But sometimes you don’t want power drills around your trailer tires. Some tools are best kept locked away.


  3. AOTC said

    LOL@ hitch


  4. As an addendum, those who wish to temporarily waive the threatener’s banning here please kindly remove all click-throughs to his poison site.


  5. Yorkshire said

    Reading this and “observering”. Just saying.


  6. DNW said

    It’s probably obvious to most, that Perry posted here because I used his writings as a prime example of the hysterically malevolent and Krylenko-like rhetoric the left is currently engaging in.

    I think that normal people, and I said so in my posting, have consistently underestimated the ardor and emotional zeal of the American left – underestimated the depth of their virtual, and perhaps literal, homicidal hostility. Normal folks have, I think, tended to chalk it up to rhetorical excess, not to an accurate revelation of progressive psychology and intention.

    But for some time now, and in conceptual parallel, it’s become increasingly clear that liberal activists have also been engaged in a huge program of psychological projection: accusing conservatives who have no interest in the lives of liberals, as “eliminationists” because of their disinterest in liberals and their lives, and as “traitors” because of the conservatives’ disinclination to cooperate with progressives in the institution of the conservatives’ own en-serfment under the progressives’ principle of social solidarity – defined as limitless submission to the general will. That is the “general will” as interpreted and enunciated by the progressive vanguard class of course.

    Whether or not these lefties are crazy in a clinical sense, they have certainly cut loose from any of the moorings of traditional morality which involve interpersonal boundaries and limits. And to give the progressive the credit which it might be due, progressives themselves would probably be the first to admit it. Once, that is, they believed their doing was safe, and would make no practical political difference.

    They seem to be just at that point now.


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