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Road Report

Posted by DNW on 2013/10/12

Most will have noticed that the founder and owner of this blog has been absent for awhile now, and that a couple of us, his blog associates that is, have filled in with a posting here or there.

Not with the deeply researched, time consuming, political data point blogging that he tended to engage in, but with somewhat more abstract or even frivolous posts.

I’m pleased to say that in some cases our new postings have generated almost half the interest his old postings on “clouds” still clock up.

Ahem, well …

But, like a number of conservatives I know, his long-term personal unselfishness was getting in the way of his realizing his own ambitions.

That’s a challenge of course, which liberals seldom face. Their trick is to have others labor to do good, while skimming the proceeds as directors, thus fattening their wallets while simultaneously lightening their pseudo-consciences.

The reason for his recent absence is that our conservative friend decided that it was long overdue for him to grant himself some well justified “me time” in a serious economic sense.

He decided to return to the trucking business for awhile. This is a project which in order for him to reach his goals would obviously require a single-mindedness and dedication which would leave little time for blogging efforts; especially in the manner he was operating.

Moving ahead

Moving ahead

The upshot is that John has now reported back that he’s been a busy entrepreneur these last several months, taking names and kicking … uh tires … and making real progress in building up his trucking business. He and his trainees, have logged an astonishing number of miles, and it seems as though he’s not far from making some additional capital expenditures which will expand his once fledgling enterprise significantly.

We might soon have a gen-u-wine tycoon on our hands.

Detail Update

” John Hitchcock
Tuesday, 15 October 2013 at 17:22

By the way, this past week was a banner week for my company …

Congratulations John, and keep up the good work. Success and economic power in others is the one thing, unfortunately, that grasping liberals respect; or better said, FEAR.


6 Responses to “Road Report”

  1. AOTC said

    wow! this is the best news ive heard in a while! we hope all goes well for John. there is nothing quite as rewarding as honest work and honest gain. stories like this are truly what make it worth persevering,amidst the more sinister developments of the past several years.

    keep us posted.

    oh, and when John hits tycoon status, he needs to take us out for a beverage. 🙂


  2. Foxfier said

    even frivolous posts

    *raises hand*


  3. I keep trying to do that aotc, but Yorkie, Dana, and Foxfier have all been conveniently unavailable when I entered their neighborhoods.


  4. AOTC said

    PA Erie lakeshore area. if you are near here let us know! we are going to Florida for a week next month but in the area rest of time. it would be nice to meet for a meal if schedules permit. !!


  5. I just hit a milestone on this trip from Lakeland FL to Sparks NV: I have traveled 101,000 miles in this, my company truck.


  6. DNW said

    John Hitchcock said
    2013/10/25 at 04:21 e

    I just hit a milestone on this trip from Lakeland FL to Sparks NV: I have traveled 101,000 miles in this, my company truck.”

    Congratulations on staying focused and knocking down those milestones, both figuratively and quite possibly literally.

    Speaking of focus: Make sure to send us photos of old roadside diners, if you ever get off the freeway.

    Trouble is, it’s almost never convenient to snap a well composed shot when you happen to pass by some really interesting piece of architecture or Americana.

    Soft shoulder, wind up in a ditch …


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