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Chance of a shut down?

Posted by DNW on 2013/09/28

Reports in the news say that there is a good chance of a Federal Government shutdown on Tuesday.

One might suspect that it would constitute an interesting experience. Kind of like when you undergo one of those rare power grid failures and discover that you can actually live a few hours without electricity, and that there are stars in the sky at night.

But if the stars do become visible, so to speak, don’t expect there not to be some price.

The shrieks of the client class, their political patrons (i.e., Democrat masters), and the usual collaborationist media fascists, will be deafening. They will obviously do everything they can to spoil the experience, much like someone who in a fit of jealous pique deliberately sets off a car alarm at a picnic:

“Grandma will die! Don’t you love your Social Security collecting parents? Don’t you love my Social Security collecting parents? Irresponsible! It’s money you owe because we have made the commitment in your name! Homophobes! Bigots! Hypocrites! You wouldn’t let Swedish Bikini Team Babe socialists die for lack of your sacrifices! What, you say you might if they didn’t ‘reform’? Neanderthal!!!”

In other good news, a cold snap may end the mosquito problem this season too. Though we all may feel some chilliness as a result.Anopheles Democrat “Bracing”, I’d choose to call it.













If these events come to pass, the price will be well worth it in either case.


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