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Will Obama Care “collapse of its own accord”?

Posted by DNW on 2013/09/27



A Question: Why is it expected by some that so-called Obama Care will collapse of its own accord, when its designers and promoters recognize no limits to their ability to coerce or draw upon you in order to fund and prop it up?

How exactly does that work?

Is there some length to which the progressives currently threatening social violence if their ill-begotten and legally bastard dream of punitive equity is not endowed, will henceforth refuse to go?

Is there some extractive limit beyond which, those who nonchalantly admit they recognize no limits, will not legislatively trespass if their spawn appears undernourished?

For those who think so, what real world evidence do they have to support this hope?



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Fascist Democrats .. Or is it Stalinist?

Posted by DNW on 2013/09/27


The news headlines are recently filled with references to political partisanship and hard feelings in this country being elevated to a level not seen since the Civil War or its aftermath.

I think that any such characterization amounts to a modest overstatement.

But I also think that the reaction of those on the left to having their status quo , their notion of a settled situation challenged, leaves both some reason for thinking it so and for little doubt as to the fact that many on the left do see it in those terms, and speak as though some kind of social violence is immanent if anyone dare continue to offer them political resistance.

Of course when they regularly subverted the system using the formal liberties and procedural rules afforded to them by that very same system, they were exercising a sacred political right.

Now however, when the elected legislative representatives of some section of the people with whom they are not in sympathy, exercise their parliamentary rights, and do their duty by their constituents, the progressives cry “Treason!”

Conservatives, many years ago during the Cold War did label certain communist subversives and sympathizers as treasonous. In doing so they were morally and sometimes legally indicting them for cooperating with foreign powers in the active subversion of our regime of liberty; in the subversion of our constitutional polity, as the defenders of our freedoms would have described it.

Now however, “treason” has been redefined by the left as political and parliamentary opposition to their aims and “accomplishments”; and charges of treason are leveled at those who merely persist in defending our principles of limited government through normal and constitutional channels of political participation.

If then, there is anyone escalating us toward a mood of violence, it is the progressive class in this country, which plainly feels that although anything may be done or undone by them to anyone else with perfect moral and political legitimacy, nothing they do politically may be undone or even devalued by anyone else, lest a charge of treason – traditionally a capital crime you will recall – be leveled.

This astounding casualness with which they invoke treason and invite violence would be breathtaking to behold if we hadn’t been all along expecting them to  do something like this once they got to the levers of political power; and, when in reaction to their consistent overreach, some portion of the population, morally contemptuous of their collectivist liberty killing schemes, refused to be quieted and to roll over politically.

Jennifer Granholm, Harry Reid, and many others in the Democrat Party mainstream casually level charges of treason and terrorism, not at persons who conspire to betray their country and the lives of its people into the hands of a foreign and hostile power, but at persons who merely wish and work to preserve their natural rights, and their heritage of liberty.

Thus, much as the Stalinists’ once did, present day Democrats charge those who merely do not cooperate sufficiently as being treasonously guilty of “wrecking” or “reaction” or “sabotage”.

That this is in fact what their more ardent rank and file followers do also think, can probably be fairly represented through this quote from someone many of us already know – a certain Mr. Perry Hood, a self-described political activist and “progressive” from Delaware.

According to Perry, Senator Cruz is guilty of “sabotaging a law”.

I for one did not know that such an act on the part of a legally acting legislator was even possible.

But there you are. To them the defining axiom is apparently that “What the Progressive Will hath enjoined upon your back, let no man put asunder”. Or be judged treasonous.

Observe further. Rallying the mob for a little extralegal action, Hood rails regarding Ted Cruz,

Let us run this Senator out of the country back to where he came from, Canada, both literally and figuratively.

We presume Mr. Hood knows what “literally” means when he uses the word. And also what literally running out of the country a citizen and elected legislator who has the enthusiastic support of millions of his fellow citizens might mean in the way of civil violence.

Nonetheless …

Murderous hatred, groundless and unprecedented charges of treason over perfectly legal and parliamentary privileges having nothing whatsoever to do with foreign powers or allegiances, a cynical and hypocritical nativism, incitements to violence and extrajudicial lynch mob activities: But you see it’s ok when it’s progressives are promoting it. All in a credentialed progressive’s day’s work.

The irony of progressives additionally going on to morally indict Cruz on the grounds of some supposed physical resemblance he bears to their bete´ noire´, (puns intended) the Cold Warrior Senator Joe McCarthy, is almost too precious to even contemplate.

That he, whom they accused then and still today accuse of being morally shameless in the pursuit of his political ends, is left looking like the altar boy he once was when seen in comparison to them,  is both predictably, and tellingly, lost on them.

The sensitive Chris Matthews for instance, whose very legs tingle to the sound of Obama”s voice, speaks ominously regarding what he imagines is the appeal of Cruz’s ultra-male “black Irish looks” … to those fanatics addicted to individual freedoms.

Ryan, Cruz, and possibly even Rubio, condemned by progressive political activists as being “Guilty by phenotype”.

What can be next? An open “Kill the Boer” campaign cheer-led by Chris Matthews,  Harry Reid, and David Axelrod?

If this unhinged rhetoric were atypical of the left it could be shrugged off. But unfortunately, this insane vitriol has increasingly become their mainstream voice in recent years.

Thus, no observations will be offered up here today about the difficulties of living cooperatively with people having fundamentally differing or antithetical value systems and life ways. No ringing of alarms today about what is quite possibly upcoming if these progressives don’t somehow get a grip on themselves and their emotions. And no need for me to extensively document the explosive malice and homicidal resentment they emit like projectile vomit when frustrated. The mess is everywhere you look.

I just want to say, “God help us, truly, with what we are likely to face in dealing with these people in the not too distant future …”


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