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AOL and Huff Po and Manning: Completely Insane

Posted by DNW on 2013/08/14

No one expects Ariana Huffington’s snide exercise in left-wing propaganda to be or to even look neutral. And it has become abundantly, tediously, wearyingly, evident that anything involving or related to homosexual and gender disorders will receive the kind of histrionically laudatory headline ledes usually associated with the notoriously shameless and scruple free British tabloids.

This one though, is so contemptibly and unbelievably lunatic as to (nearly) beggar the imagination.

“Manning delivers heartfelt speech to packed courtroom

Army whistleblower Bradley Manning took the stand Wednesday and spoke candidly about his personal issues, controversial actions and hopes for the future.

‘I am sorry. I am sorry…’

Unbelievable? Believe it.

"Whistle blower"

“Whistle blower”


AOL and the Huff Po have obviously gone completely insane with everyone knows who at the helm.

Marvel then, at the morally disordered interior of Ariana’s mind, laid out for all to the world to see.


5 Responses to “AOL and Huff Po and Manning: Completely Insane”

  1. AOTC said

    there is a boldness to the insane nowadays.


  2. DNW said

    I’ve been using AOL for one of my e-mails for a decade or more now. I should know how to handle it: Ignore. Yet even in trying to pay no attention to the welcome screen, I still manage to get a snoot full of Ariana’s poisonous effluvia from time to time.

    It’s those constant, breathlessly delivered “Oh the humanity!” tales screaming, “YOU WON’T BELIEVE THIS INJUSTICE”, usually concerning some lack of appreciation suffered by their latest example of a prepubescent transgendered pan-sexual polymorphous would-be whatever, that has just about brought me to the point of saying to hell with the e-mail service as well.


  3. Yorkshire said

    How HuffPo sees everything on the left.


  4. Eric said

    Arianna Huffington, the Paris Hilton of journalism, coming from the same “Just because I’m famous means I’m really, REALLY important” school of thought.


  5. DNW said

    Eric said
    2013/08/22 at 11:37 e

    Arianna Huffington, the Paris Hilton of journalism, coming from the same “Just because I’m famous means I’m really, REALLY important” school of thought.

    “She’s famous for precisely what?”, we naturally ask. Marrying a rich bi-sexual candidate for California governor, and talking like a conservative for awhile, before divorcing him and taking up “social justice” as a hobby … is probably as good an answer as any other.

    Never having had the slightest interest in the Huffington Post, or anything they had to say, it only intruded into my consciousness relatively recently once AOL bought it out and brought the infestation “home” so to speak..

    Apparently, according to Wikipedia, Huffington Post was begun as a left wing news aggregation source, intended to counter balance the perceived influence of The Drudge Report.

    Despite attempting to filter out the drama by choosing a welcome window which I thought would minimize the left-screech, the hand wringing headlines, the blustering collectivist indignation, the “how dare these uncaring people act this way” ledes, it just seemed to build anyway.

    Must be millions of those gay five year olds yearning for state mandated affirmation of their “lifestyle” choices, or not-lifestyle choices, or whatever it is that the community values herd is supposed to believe about it which will advance the progressive agenda on any given day. At least you would think there must be millions of them, if you even glanced at the shit that the Huff Po is constantly spewing.

    Of course that is not the HuffPo’s only interest. Aiding and abetting the circulation of cynically deceptive leftist agitprop, as they did with that moron Katie Halper’s piece on Marissa Alexander, is another of their programs.

    They cry they weep they moan they plead they demand they shout … and did I mention that they lie in all those modes?

    Reminds me I have to do a “Halper” update on the tags as a social service. Had a ardently left mail carrier I know come in the other day, and after dropping off the bundle start spouting the party line about that “poor woman in Florida who unlike George Zimmerman was not allowed to stand her ground”.

    She knew the script she was given, but it turned out she didn’t even know the woman’s actual name, Marissa Alexander, or any of the other facts.

    After I filled her in on the shooting location, the children’s presence, and Alexander’s subsequent assault on her estranged spouse in violation of a restraining order, she replied:

    “Do you know how many women are raped?”

    “What?” I said. “What’s that got to …?”

    “My daughter says that in the service the women sit in circles and discuss how they have been raped!”

    “They shouldn’t tolerate that …” I said.

    “What can they do?” she asked.

    “Personally? They could kill the rapist”

    “Wha … wha… what?”

    “Don’t you think you have the right to kill someone who is raping or has raped you?”

    She paused distressed, and cast around for her thoughts, hoping some might show up …

    I say to her, “Shouldn’t the rapist be killed? Isn’t that a dire, heinous, and absolutely intolerable, unforgivable, violation of your human integrity? Isn’t that what a person who does something like that deserves? Doesn’t that act put them beyond the moral pale of self-governing individuals? Wouldn’t you kill the perpetrator in order to stop yourself from being raped if you had or could get access to a weapon?”


    ” You say … ‘Uhhh’. So what is your position exactly then? What is it you really want from the rest of the political ‘community’? I told you what I think should happen to these men. What exactly do you want done to the perpetrators?”

    “Uhhh, I have to get going … lots of stops yet … ummm I’ll think about it …”

    And there the conversation ended …


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