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CBS portrays the Zimmerman-Martin shooting: Revisited

Posted by DNW on 2013/07/25

As anyone who has glanced at this blog knows, I’ve been attempting to get a clear and unqualified answer as to who exactly it was that produced the entirety of an egregiously, and perhaps maliciously, misleading video seen embedded in a March 7th 2012 Reuters report covering the Travon Martin death, and Martin’s parent’s quest to have George Zimmerman arrested.

As we know already, the video report contained graphic animation material showing a figure identified as George Zimmerman shooting down a figure – portrayed as  a child dressed in short pants while  holding candy in his hand – identified as Trayvon Martin, from a distance.

Although the voice-over makes reference to neighbors reporting a fight, the video does nothing to suggest the shooting was anything other than a cold-blooded murder. In fact the CBS News graphic animation positively does suggest that that is precisely what the shooting of Trayvon Martin was: a cold-blooded murder.Zimmerman fires from a distance

As you can see in the screen capture above, just taken from one of the CBS sites still playing the piece, there is no question that the material presented on Reuters in March of 2012 and via Yahoo into at least May of 2012, was in fact all CBS editor approved content taken from the March 8th 2012 “CBS This Morning” show. I was obviously wasting my time trying to get CBS to explain anything directly. An introductory scene screen capture below, as well as the one above,  clearly establishes the video’s provenance.

Interview at scene

Here is an excerpt of the “shooting” as portrayed by CBS News, which is up on YouTube

And here is one of the CBS links I discovered still operating, wherein the entire story, in all of its misleading glory, can be seen.

It is much too late for CBS News to apologize to anyone now. The damage they have done to George Zimmerman’s life with the reckless propagation of their false images obviously cannot be undone.

What they have done to our trust in each other as responsible well-meaning fellow citizens,  and to the principle that one is entitled to a presumption of legal  innocence, is likewise irreparable; in the short term at least.

And not to be overlooked is what CBS News has done to our hopes that at least some of the specially protected institutions of civil society which are imagined to safeguard our liberties, rather than slander and diminish them, will live up to, or at least try to live up to, their social charters.

It’s entirely too late for CBS to rectify the damage they have done to themselves, and to us, by this and by like instances we can all remember, of irresponsible, and frankly dishonorable, reportage.

Let’s hope in fact, that CBS News never does take the piece down; never corrects, never apologizes, never supplements.

Let this CBS News report remain on line forever as the shabby and pathetic monument to the notion of CBS News’ credibility that it is.

“CBS News. Experience You Can Trust.”

Or so they once supposedly said.


3 Responses to “CBS portrays the Zimmerman-Martin shooting: Revisited”

  1. ropelight said

    Thanks for keeping the evidence of CBS’s participation in selling this fraud to the public front and center. It’s the most egregious example of the duplicitous abandonment of journalistic integrity since the cover-up of the Obama Administrations participation in the events surrounding the murder of brave Americans in Benghazi.


  2. DNW said

    It’s stupefying how the postmodernist mentality has so completely taken hold of so many.

    It’s like some 1950’s Sci Fi flick vermin broke through the 4th wall and we’re dealing with a species of conscienceless zombies and Pod People for real.

    Of course, conscienceless liars, sycophants, and collaborationist opportunists have been around for millennia. They appear as standard characters in most of our moral dramas: The betraying gate openers letting in the horde that will destroy their city and neighbors, the mob shouting “crucify him”, the poisoner, the back stabber, the Richard Riches and Cromwells, the Duranty and Hellman types …

    The new breed differs, if they do, only in feeling less, if that is possible, shame when caught out.

    Look at Perry. “Have you ever seen anything like it?” we ask ourselves. And then a moment later we realize that we have, in almost every modern liberal we encounter on the Internet.


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