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The Zimmerman-Martin news reporting fiasco.

Posted by DNW on 2013/07/18

Back in May of 2012, Yahoo had a web page up featuring a Reuters news story on the Martin family’s search for answers as it was being called at that time, and their desire that George Zimmerman be subjected to arrest.

Embedded in the web page was a video which featured a CBS This Morning logo in the lower left corner. As the video played, a computer graphic ran which depicted a child-like Trayvon Martin being gunned down at a distance by what is clearly meant to be George Zimmerman.

Here is the image once again,

Zimmerman portrayed as shooting Martin down at a distance

Zimmerman portrayed as shooting Martin down at a distance

Because I wanted to be in legal possession of the video, in addition to the fair use example of a screen capture depicted here,  I wrote to CBS news and asked for a copy of it.

I included the following image so as to aid in the identification of the video:



CBS News has kindly written back and stated, albeit in somewhat colloquial terms,  that the image and the video “belong” to Reuters.

I immediately wrote back requesting clarification, to find that the person responding had left the office for some days.

Until I am informed or discover otherwise, I shall assume that CBS means not only, and narrowly, that Reuters has legal title to the video, but that the content and construction was completely Reuter’s as well.

I, like most of us, would be pleased to find that CBS had not in fact created the egregiously misleading computer generation, and that someone else had misleadingly melded their content with it without their foreknowledge or approval.

The record here has been corrected to reflect this supposition.

This of course leaves open the question as to how and why the CBS logo appears on “the Reuters video”.

The Yahoo page which bore the content, has been completely reconfigured, unlike some contemporaneous Yahoo news pages still available in unaltered form, and now contains no trace of the video, or its ever having been there.

Where did the video go, and whose was it?


2 Responses to “The Zimmerman-Martin news reporting fiasco.”

  1. Yorkshire said

    The media overall got everything wrong and was proud of it. For the TV showed it, I don’t need anymore info, my mind is made up crowd, no amount of truth will convince them they have been had. And “you” (the collective) will be called a racist since the no research crowd are too stooooopid to search for facts.


  2. Yorkshire said

    However, with this fixation of All Travon, All the Time, I wonder That was posted yesterday, then today on Facebook, a mind reader posted this: Looks like I was One Day ahead of myself. This is on Facebooktoday:


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