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Zimmerman – Martin: Just as I predicted

Posted by DNW on 2013/07/01

I had intended to post this up Friday last but didn’t get to it, because the network graphic  I had captured (depicting a pursuing Zimmerman shooting Trayvon at a distance) months ago wasn’t handy, and an area-wide power outage cut the entire effort short.

So, this commentary is much less topical than it was a couple of days past. Nonetheless:

As I had predicted many months ago, when the facts of the matter were still uncertain: the question in the Zimmerman case would likely evolve into a question as to whether Zimmerman,  if he was the victim of an unjustified physical assault – and we do not absolutely yet know that to be the case – even had the right to defend himself against a battery by responding with deadly force.

There's no doubt George Zimmerman was getting a whuppin ...

There’s no doubt George Zimmerman was getting a whuppin …

Those who have had their attention drawn to the case will no doubt have noticed the changing nature of the claims of the “let’s hang Zimmerman” crowd.

As the news dribbled out we’ve gone from network news graphics depicting Zimmerman poised at a distance while shooting a child-like Trayvon after he had supposedly chased Trayvon into a corner; to a subsequent insistence that while Zimmerman may have been in a “scuffle” he had suffered no physical injuries; to a now new  theory suggested by the bald headed fellow pictured above : i.e.,  you have the obligation under certain circumstances to take an unjustifiable beating.

A beating or “whupping'” in the affected language of the effete clown in the suspenders, that would leave you like this:



As I wrote over a year ago on First Street Journal,

March 28, 2012 at 15:42

Oh, one last thing that despite all of my commentary, I have not yet mentioned.

In my dealings with progressives and lefties, for all of their hyperbole about what they conceive of as rights, for all their willingness to engage in political violence, for all their talk of resisting injustice and fighting for the right of peoples or for justice or for whatever, they seem to nonetheless believe that it is your moral obligation to take a beating, or suffer a rape, rather than kill the offender.

When it comes down to it, if everything that could conceivably be exculpatory for Zimmerman is proved to be true, (and I don’t imagine it will) and if he did nothing whatsoever to provoke Trayvon into a physical assault, and if it is shown that he was having his head pounded against the pavement at the very moment he shot Trayvon, there will still be many on the left that will say it was unjustified.

An essential characteristic of the leftist organism is their different sense of personal boundaries.

Well, we’ll see how it plays out.”

Well, we are now seeing just how it is in fact playing out. And it is just as I predicted.

Legal Insurrection has this, on the actual theory being developed by the prosecution,  the courtroom deployment of which seems to have been waiting in the wings.


In an effort to explain the image I had in mind as I responded to Yorkshire, I am adding the marked up picture below.

If anyone has an updated trial based map which is properly scaled and refers to an uncontested version of the respective parties’ movements,  they are welcome to suggest it, and I will happily remove this one.

Until such a time then …

The red pointer shows the GPS location of the shooting, per the Wiki site. If the Wiki coordinates are accurate, the death location is less further down the condo access path toward the Green condo, than news accounts and graphics originally suggested; graphics which I had accepted.

The red star seems to be the agreed upon location of Brandy Green’s condominium.

The yellow circle represents a location that is both two doors down from Brandy Green’s condo (or townhouse) and between two buildings;  a spot which has been suggested as a place Trayvon had sought out to “escape” from Zimmerman’s view. That is to say, a place obscured between two buildings on the one hand, while being two doors away from home, on the other. (This construction of events is more or less per Rachel Jeantel’s statements,  and assumes she is telling the truth in this regard.)

The green circle is where Zimmerman, if he is telling the truth about his own movements, paused to turn and go back to his vehicle.

The rest is self-explanatory.  A 100 ft scale is found in the lower left corner of the image.

Get yourself a ruler if you need to.

Shooting loc

3 Responses to “Zimmerman – Martin: Just as I predicted”

  1. Yorkshire said

    If I were the Defense, I would ask the Judge to drop the charges since it is appearing the persecuting attorney hasn’t met the requirements for murder in the 2nd degree, or 20th degree.


  2. DNW said

    It seems that there are only a few debatable facts left to discover. But the defense will I think, have to address or at least dispose of them.

    As near as I can tell, the fact situation is pretty much turning out along lines I had mooted as reasonable hypotheticals back in March of 2012. Though, it turns out Zimmerman was not at that time 240 lbs, and Trayvon was not the child-like figure portrayed in the media, and Trayvon’s girlfriend was neither his girlfriend nor the 16 year old child she claimed to be.

    Provisionally, the facts seem to be that Trayvon went to the store. He was going home. Zimmerman saw him, seemingly wandering in the rain. Zimmerman called the police from his vehicle to report suspicious behavior. Trayvon saw Zimmerman parked inside his vehicle and on the phone, and approached in order to see what Zimmerman was doing. Zimmerman left the vehicle, and Trayvon fled or vice versa.

    Zimmerman followed and lost sight of Trayvon, and proceeding he claims, on a more direct outward route, found himself at an exit to the inner subdivision ring on Retreat View Circle road.

    The police dispatcher informed Zimmerman that he did not need “to do that”. Zimmerman, seemingly assented, saying, “ok”.

    The place the physical encounter took place looks to be just off the path Zimmerman would have had to have taken in order to return to his vehicle from Retreat View Circle road, if in fact Zimmerman did go outward all the way past the row of condominiums where Trayvon’s father’s girlfriend (Brandy Green) had her condo, and on to the aforementioned Retreat View Circle road.

    Trayvon for his part, or so his female friend has now testified, had nearly reached his father’s girlfriend’s condominium, within a couple of doors, and had therefore, she says, informed her that fleeing from the “cracker” as she says she had suggested, was no longer necessary.

    The question then is how and why Trayvon apparently doubled back 250 feet to confront Zimmerman, and why Zimmerman was what, 40-50 feet? off the sidewalk he was supposedly using to return to his vehicle after losing Trayvon.

    Trayvon’s own words to his female friend apparently reveal he had made it to all extents and purposes home. Yet, he was found dead about (and this is not meant to be exact) 10 doors down from where he had told his female friend he was safe – a couple of doors from Brandy Green’s condo.

    Zimmerman, encountering Trayvon was maybe two condos down from the sidewalk leading to his truck, but ten or more condo lengths from Brandy Green’s dwelling.

    My guess then – if Trayvon’s female friend is telling the truth about his making it “home” to Brandy Green’s – is that Trayvon then returned back down the way between the condo rows in order to confront the “cracker”. And as he approached along the sidewalk between the buildings, Zimmerman, possibly responding to a call out, or seeing Trayvon in the looming darkness, diverted onto the sidewalk between the condominiums which Trayvon was, per this hypothetical scenario, using to approach Zimmerman.

    The question is: If Trayvon was a door or two from entering Brandy Green’s condo when he told his female friend he did not need to run from the “cracker”, then how and why did he go back 10 condos in the rain and dark to where he might have expected Zimmerman to be?

    And why was Zimmerman, say, 40-50 feet, off his stated path back to his vehicle?

    These are two questions the defense will have to deal with.


  3. Yorkshire said

    Not Guilty


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