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No surprise with Kennedy and DOMA

Posted by DNW on 2013/06/26

It’s too early to offer any critical analysis of the exact legal “reasoning” involved in the S.C. decision to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act. There will be plenty of folks who will soon enough find that an absorbing hobby.

Suffice to say however, that given Kennedy’s history of rhapsodic pseudo-religious trilling over the dignity those undignified acts of supposed self-creation which constitute the deconstructed modernist adult’s absurd version of “natural law”, it comes as no surprise.

What’s also to be expected is that in line with current leftist, or communitarian if you prefer, thinking, will come more in the way of official posits that everyone has not only a duty to tolerate to some degree annoying and pointless behaviors in others, but also to positively affirm them as worthy of your own support and recognition, and to help “create” the conditions and context under which “all” may find personally satisfying social fulfillment.

Thus, the corollary of their right to seek pleasure or satisfaction, no matter how absurd or preposterous or uninteresting to others, implies – so the “reasoning” goes – your duty not merely to tolerate, but to affirm as worthy and to underwrite the opportunity.

You think you are going to be able to just back off and let them reap what they sow? Think again. You are part of it, like it or not. They will make sure of that. It’s all they have.

But we, already knew that.

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