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NBC & Planted BO Administration KOOL-AID

Posted by Yorkshire on 2013/06/07

Here is a BS Cover Story for BO-BS by NBC. They believe we’ll drink the Kool-Aid

Officials: NSA mistakenly intercepted emails, phone calls of innocent Americans

Insisting that attempts at “100 percent security” will always come with inconveniences, President Barack Obama said “we’re going to have to make some choices as a society.” NBC’s Pete Williams reports.

By Michael Isikoff
National Investigative Correspondent, NBC News
The National Security Agency has at times mistakenly intercepted the private email messages and phone calls of Americans who had no link to terrorism, requiring Justice Department officials to report the errors to a secret national security court and destroy the data, according to two former U.S. intelligence officials.

At least some of the phone calls and emails were pulled from among the hundreds of millions stored by telecommunications companies as part of an NSA surveillance program. James Clapper, the director of national intelligence, Thursday night publicly acknowledged what he called “a sensitive intelligence collection program” after its existence was disclosed by the Guardian newspaper.

Read more of this PLANTED STORY here:

6 Responses to “NBC & Planted BO Administration KOOL-AID”

  1. DNW said

    Hi York,

    I’m not sure I followed the line of reasoning. Are you personally asserting that this is a deliberate chicken feed operation, or is one organization reporting on another? Both Pete Williams and Isikoff seem to be working on behalf of NBC.

    What did I miss?


  2. Yorkshire said

    All I was trying to convey was drink the Kool-Aid, nothing to see, and nothing done by BO will hurt. Just a harmless mistake. In short, pablum for Rush’s Low Information Voters and Obots.


  3. AOTC said

    the last couple weeks have been really weird. an overload of stuff happening. many people i engage on the subject seem to be in some sort of.. ‘shock’ or something. i’d like to think it’s because most people cannot even conceive of the depravity that constitutes modern day liberalism…but i am beginning to think there are a lot of people who simply do not care.

    i think that is part of the leftist strategy to combat all this scandal coming to light… to be aloof when exposed. it confuses their adversaries and victims. if they make their response as illogical as possible it short circuits the brains of many.

    if alinsky’s “rules for radicals” has an antithesis it occurs to me that ‘the screwtape letters’ would be it.


  4. Yorkshire said

    AOTC said

    Funny thing is I remember what AOTC stands for 🙂


  5. AOTC said

    lol! hi york!! hope you and your family are well. 🙂


  6. Yorkshire said

    I still have my tin cup 😀


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