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Advertising tracking

Posted by DNW on 2013/06/04

We all assume that our Internet searching and web browsing is being tracked. In fact advertising tracking software is pretty well known and there are ways of defeating it if you are willing to go to the repeated trouble.

This is not about that. This is:!92E525EB-9E4A-4399-817D-8C4E6EF68F93

This is about considering what shows up and when.

And sometimes the very rapidity with which the system responds  or does not respond leaves one wondering, not only about the methods, but about the filtering protocols which must be used. Can there be a politically correct advertising subroutine included?

Not long ago, I was researching wooden frame leather cushion couches. Call the style I was looking for Danish Modern for the Hunting Cabin. I looked at a couple of sites, one of which looked particularly promising, and voila! Next time I clicked a link to a page in my science news e-mail update, there was one of the very sites I had visited staring back at me. What a coincidence!

Wooden furniture

wooden furniture

wooden furniture





Just so happens that I also spent some time looking for a Gibson L5 style acoustic guitar either as a  knock off or used. I had seen a Loar (U.S. company, Chinese made) in a guitar store I had been in recently, and was amazed at the low price. Scanning reviews which were so-so early on and very positive more recently,  I then visited their American web site.  And golly, no sooner done, than “said” – as an insert in Drudge.




Of course I needed to check on something industrial related. Having gone to the company website, I later found that Amazon was issuing me a tailored invitation through the Washington Times …





I also was looking for a calculus book on tape. Having used a particular company for their DVD series of lectures, I checked them out again. Soon after Drudge was selling their stuff.

great courses



Ater a few days of this I began to make screen shots of the ads, thinking they might make an amusing post.

Then I checked my history of commercial website visits in order to compare. I hadn’t gone to all that many, and apart from a floor tile site which had already filled the ad spaces in the month previous, there were a limited number of identifiable commercial sites to be scanned. There were the four above of course. And then these..

Remington, Savage, and Mossberg bolt action rifles … and Bulleit Rye Whiskey …

No ads. I guess they don’t pay.

Or something.

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