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So who’s Ashley Judd?

Posted by DNW on 2013/04/10

I was not, and I am still not, certain who Ashley Judd really is, or why she has gained as much notoriety as she has. The facts don’t seem to be entirely clear.

In order to get some perspective, I Googled her name and in so doing, came across a number of entries; some of which featured a relatively unattractive dull eyed woman. Which I suppose, has only the most indirect and inferential bearing on her potential fitness for public office, but which does fit the general genetic profile when it comes to leftie females as compared with normal and healthy women.

Here is a screen capture:

Judd Google profile

Anyway, as one can see from the profile box on the right of the search results capture, she appears – at first glance -to have some very impressive academic and professional credentials.

 Ashley Judd
Education: Harvard University, Sayre School, Franklin High School, John F. Kennedy School of Government, University of Kentucky, Paul G. Blazer High School
Siblings: Wynonna
Parents: Naomi Judd, Michael C. Ciminella

However clicking on Wikipedia, it seems to be a different story.

“Judd attended 13 schools before college … An alumna of the sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma at the University of Kentucky, she majored in French and minored in anthropology, art history, theater and women’s studies.”  … [then later]  “On May 9, 2007, it was announced that Judd had completed her bachelor’s degree, in French, from the University of Kentucky.”

So what she apparently has is a bachelor’s degree in French and women’s studies awarded a decade or quite a bit more,  late.

What then of that Harvard mention, which tops the list of her educational achievements? You know even over and above the “John F. Kennedy School of Government”?

Golly … this Ashley must be a gen -u- wine genius!

Here we go, as per Wiki …:

Judd [received] … a Mid-Career Master of Public Administration degree (MC/MPA) from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University in 2010 through the Mid-Career Master of Public administration program (MC/MPA) (an eight credit program with a summer mentorship which typically takes a year to complete in contrast with the traditional MPA program which typically takes at least two years of study).

So then, despite what the quick view profile insinuates, Judd did not graduate from Harvard as people usually understand it.

Instead, and according to Wikipedia and its sources, Ashley Judd took eight credit hours of a curriculum which bestowed upon her something called a Mid-Career Master of Public Administration, from …. drumroll … The John F. Kennedy School of Government.

Therefore, what we see listed as implying, at a cursory glance, credentials or even degrees garnered from what is arguably the premier American Ivy League university as well as a famous school of government studies, turns out instead to be  eight credit hours worth of an adult education certificate. (Note how Harvard is listed in the capture image above in such a way so as to minimize the drawing of any immediate inference on the part of the unfamiliar viewer, with the fact that the Kennedy School is within Harvard, and that Ashley Judd’s  eight credit hours of adult education there count as the official sum and matriculating substance of her entire connection with either institution.)

I don’t think that there has been such a pathetically transparent attempt to burnish a not very sterling curriculum vitae since the obtrusively gynecomastic Keith Olbermann held up his Cornell agricultural station degree (or whatever)  before his billowing pinstripes, and blusteringly announced to Ann Coulter and the world that his degree was just as good as her Ivy League version was. And cheaper too! … nah nah nah.

Now as regards Ashley Judd. There is undoubtedly much more one could say about this diminished capacity crackpot and her view of life, and what that view of her’s reveals about her fitness to direct her own life, much less anyone else’s … “It’s unconscionable to breed, with the number of children who are starving to death in impoverished countries” … but she bores me, and seems now to have receded as a threat to edified humanity.

So, I’ll leave it at that for the present.


2 Responses to “So who’s Ashley Judd?”

  1. AOTC said

    to be a liberal must mean you adopt a ‘life of a caricature’

    i am almost afraid of the content of what lies under that facade.


  2. DNW said

    AOTC says,

    be a liberal must mean you adopt a ‘life of a caricature’

    i am almost afraid of the content of what lies under that facade.

    To be a liberal means, in general nowadays (since being a liberal is becoming synonymous with being an a-theist “ironist”), that you “create” yourself.

    What not particularly intelligent persons of that type create is an anxious mess.

    Whether anything moves in, or there is anything to move in, to take up residence in the web of physical impulses to which they conceptually and willfully reduce themselves, is anyone’s guess.


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