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Gun Show Bans Guns, Kills Show

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2013/01/24

Yorkshire posted an article on The First Street Journal that discussed Reed Exhibitions’ sudden and unilateral decision to side with the anti-constitutional, Second Amendment killing gun grabbers and the aftermath of that decision. One sixth of the exhibitors and celebrities pulled out of the nation’s largest outdoor sportsman’s show in a show of solidarity with the US Constitution. You can find a large (but incomplete) list of the boycotters here. That list includes Cabelas, one of the nation’s premiere big box stores dedicated to the outdoor sportsman, muzzle loaders, knife businesses, bow organizations and businesses, turkey call companies, fishing related companies and organizations, conservationists, television shows and celebrities, and much, much more.

Reed Exhibitions tried to shrug it all off as “a small percentage of more than 1,000 exhibits” as if Cabelas was equivalent to Kokosing Backwater Beaver Traps, but decided to “stop loss” (an investment term for the first rule of holes) and cancel the show. Granted, they called it “postpone” but if Reed Exhibitions continues to side with the anti-constitutionalist gun grabbers, there will be no show. Period. Because the celebrities and exhibitors necessary for such a show will not participate and the people who go to such a show will not attend. As it is, Reed Exhibitions severely and possibly permanently harmed its reputation with the very people it depends upon for millions of dollars of profit a year.

Hey, Reed Exhibitions, spoiler alert: I watched Red Dawn and your side loses.

Constitution lovers, check out the list of boycotters and support them with your outdoor recreation dollars. You don’t have to be a hunter or even a gun owner. If you’re into boating, fishing, camping, hiking, mountain climbing, conservation or any other outdoor recreation, you can find your equipment and educational needs among that list.

2 Responses to “Gun Show Bans Guns, Kills Show”

  1. Yorkshire said

    I have a friend who has had an exhibition for Muzzleloaders at this show for about 35 years. What Reed is said to shrug off is probably a $20million income for Harrisburg, PA area. The State owns the exhibition arena and will loose the rent on this complex along with all the parking revenue and sales taxes. The hotels in the area are always full for this show, and that will be a major loss. The exhibitors will lose a lot of income and these people come from Canada to Florida. The only people who will earn anything from this show will be the Lawyers who will sue Reed for breach of contract. Here is the arena and all 24 acres under roof is packed with the show:


  2. Yorkshire said

    It’s $80Million according to WGAL-TV News at 11


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