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Madalyn Murray O’Hair

Posted by Yorkshire on 2012/12/15

She’s the Bitch that took God out of School and nothing has been the same since. And this was over her son having to pray at Poly HS in Baltimore. Remember it well. She moved to Texas, went missing, found dead much later. And I think her son became a minister. Now today we had another PREYING at school, but it was of children. I wonder if each school shooting, the heat is turned up higher at her current residence.

Saw Obama comment on this. And honestly, I didn’t think he was going to get through his comments without breaking down. He did wipe away a tear or two. It was tough for him to handle. I will praise him for his words.

It happened in 1963 along with all the other things that altered the course of America and more or less derailed the core fabric of the country. To me, it was the start of the long slow descent we’re in now. What was commonplace in 1962 has been peeled back slowly to the point of what was normal life then, is now looked at as you could do that then. This woman was a starting point of all normal nuclear families complain of today. That is if normal nuclear families still exist anymore.

From Wikipedia: Madalyn Murray O’Hair (April 13, 1919 – September 29, 1995) was an American atheist activist. She was the founder of the organization American Atheists and served as its president from 1963 to 1986. One of her sons, Jon Garth Murray, was the president of the organization from 1986 to 1995, while she remained de facto president during these nine years. She is best known for the Murray v. Curlett lawsuit, which led to a landmark Supreme Court ruling ending official Bible-reading in American public schools in 1963. This came one year after the Supreme Court prohibited officially sponsored prayer in schools in Engel v. Vitale. O’Hair later founded American Atheists and became so controversial that in 1964 Life magazine referred to her as “the most hated woman in America”.[1][2]

In 1995 she was kidnapped, murdered, and her body mutilated, along with her son Jon Murray and granddaughter Robin Murray O’Hair, by former American Atheist office manager David Roland Waters.


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