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Leftists Prove They Are The Disease … AGAIN

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/11/01

Robert Stacy McCain provides more evidence that the Leftists are not carriers of a disease, but are in fact the essence of the disease themselves. (Republished in its entirety, with explicit permission from RS McCain himself.*)

Democrat Troll Accounts Wage Hateful ‘War on Women’ Against Dana Loesch

Posted on | November 1, 2012 | 18 Comments and 33 Reactions

Evidently, the polls in the Missouri Senate race — which show Claire McCaskill at only 45% and Todd Akin within 2 points — have unhinged Democrats, who have adopted a “kill-the-messenger” frenzy against St. Louis-based Dana Loesch:

Surely, @DLoesch ‘s husband hate-fucks her – and she likes it – because she knows that she and her miserable vagina deserve to be punished.

Why does Twitter @Support permit vile monsters like @KognitiveDiss to use their service, and thereby make Twitter such a toxic pool of filth? This isn’t about “Free Speech.” The First Amendment imposes no requirement on commercial providers to allow their services to be abused in this digusting manner. Dana Loesch’s political opinions — she wrote about the Missouri Senate race yesterday — should not make her an open target for these kind of hatefully obscene attacks from troll accounts.

UPDATE: Here’s a nice video from Glenn Beck’s “American Voices” series in which Dana Loesch explains who she is:

What kind of wicked person — what kind of vicious twisted soul — would say the hateful things about her that @KognitiveDiss has said? And why would Twitter @Support not automatically delete that kind of troll account?

*Permission declaration. (And could someone explain to this neophyte how to do a proper twitter blockquote? I’m blockquoting RS McCain’s article in visual and not text, which I tried to do with the tweets.)

@rsmccain wrote abt @dloesh and the disease @KognitiveDiss . I want to repub it in its entirety. Can I have permission? 

10:01 PM – 1 Nov 12 ·

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@TruthBeforeDis Sure. Just give us a link.

UPDATE: I had a brief twitter convo with the Leftist disease. And I hate what 140-char limits do to writing.

John Hitchcock John Hitchcock @TruthBeforeDis 01 Nov
@KognitiveDiss FYI, U’r not from hum civ either. U love the idea of Conserv women being ravaged and brutalized. U’r a disease 2b vanquished.

Kognitive Diss Kognitive Diss
@TruthBeforeDis You’d be truly surprised at how many of those same conservative women want nothing more than to be ravaged. #50Shades ofGrey
11:22 PM – 01 Nov 12

Is there any doubt, any doubt at all, that Leftism is a disease?

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