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When Will They Ever Learn? NEVER!

Posted by Yorkshire on 2012/10/30

In March 1962 when I was a young teenager a storm quite like Sandy came up the East Coast of the US and destroyed most of the Barrier Islands in VA, MD, DE and NJ. The storm had no name, but it probably did more damage in today’s money than most East Coast Hurricanes. The storm was simply called the Nor’easter of March, 1962. We had vacationed in Ocean City, MD several summers so I was familiar with the Boardwalk, the pier, and the beaches. At that time, Ocean City only occupied about 4 miles of the Barrier Island from the Inlet (create by the 1933 hurricane) heading north towards DE.

We did go to Ocean City well after the storm to see the damage. A large amount of the houses were gone, or severely damaged. One would think, why do they build these places so vulnerable to Momma Nature. Of course the answer is because they can. To me then I thought having a place on the beach would be great, just rebuild it every 10 to 15 years. Since 1962 there have been numerous summer and winter storms that have taken out structures, towns, small condos, and whatever else man puts up, it will eventually come down at the hands of Momma Nature. (She can be a real bitch like the last few days)

So, since we never learn, we have flood insurance for these fools. Towns, and/or the Corps of Engineer will keep pumping sand onto the beach just to watch it go back out to sea. The storm of Feb 1993 is a good example. The summer before had the beach rebuilt, and in the winter 1993 storm took it away, just to throw it back up there. Some how no one has gotten the hint Momma Nature is in charge of the sand beaches of the Barrier Islands, and not man. But Hubris says NO, we are going to beat you Momma N. No one has ever won that battle.

So Sandy, a CAT 1 hurricane got in with some other characters off VA and turned itself from the warm center hurricane to the cold center Nor’easter because of various natural ingredients (kinda like in the movie The Perfect Storm) and made its own version of I guess the Perfect Storm 2. Man has found out Momma Nature won again, and hubris will make these idiots defy nature and build again.

It was in March 1962 I decided that no matter how inviting a beach front property is, don’t invest in this fool’s gamble.


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