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Military Endorsements, And The Winner Is…

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/10/17

Barack Obama has six high-profile military endorsements, all male. Mitt Romney has six retired female flag officers* (that’s general/admiral stuff for you non-military types) among his military endorsements. Actually, Mitt Romney has 359 retired flag officers who have endorsed him for President.

Who do you suppose those who have served this country in uniform support?

*I didn’t count names like “Terry” and “Chris” (there were no Danas) or names that were only initials, so the count could be higher.

3 Responses to “Military Endorsements, And The Winner Is…”

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  2. Dana Pico said

    And what makes you think that “Dana” could be a female’s name? 🙂


  3. Because I knew a Dana while in High School that was among the foxy ladies. I also knew a very brilliant and sharp-dressed girl in Junior Achievement named Michael, but that’s another story. As are the two “Kelly”s and the “Pat” my very straight sister dated. (Different stories, that is.)


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