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Tonight’s Presidential Debate

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/10/16

Tonight is the second of three Presidential debates this campaign season. It is in a moderated and moderator-directed “townhall-lite” format. A great many sites will be all over all of Obama’s lies, whether it’s lying about what Romney actually said (and there are many of those Obama lies) or lying about Romney’s actual recort (and there are many of those Obama lies) or lying about what Obama himself actually said (and there are many of those Obama lies) or lying about what Obama himself actually accomplished (and there are many of those Obama lies) or any other manner of Obama lies. There is a lot of meat for honest fact-checkers to have very long-winded articles shredding the heavy amount of falsehoods Obama has put out in this debate.

There will also be a great many people on the Left and the Right who will have plenty negative to say about Romney. For one, Romney’s no Conservative, as his statements in this debate have proven.

As I said, you will be able to find all that information and more on a great many other sites. So I will not cover them in this article. What I want to point out, something that was very obvious for the 45 minutes I listened to the debate on my drive home from work, is the civility or incivility involved in the debate. The respectfulness or lack thereof.

***For the record, and to be perfectly clear, Truth Before Dishonor has never endorsed Mitt Romney. Dana Pico has endorsed him on this site and I have written scathing articles against Romney on this site, but Dana Pico and I will both agree that while Mitt Romney is no Conservative, he’s far better than the Socialist Barack Obama.

But re-listen to the debate in the memory banks of your mind. When it was Barack Obama’s turn to talk, Mitt Romney listened quietly and allowed Barack Obama to say whatever he wanted without interruption. But when it was Mitt Romney’s turn to talk, Barack Obama was constantly interrupting and trying to talk over top of Mitt Romney, trying to prevent Mitt Romney from saying whatever it was Romney was saying.

Who was the more respectful, more Presidential, more civil, more professional debater? Very clearly, it was Mitt Romney.

Who was the more impertinent, more disrespectful, more rabble-rousing, less civil, less professional debater? Very clearly, it was Barack Obama.

That is what I heard. And if you replay the debate in your mind’s memory banks, that is what you will hear, too. That is, if you’re being Truthful to yourself.

UPDATE: I said other sites would be chronicling the massive number of Obama lies in last night’s debate, and JE Dyer did just that. I also said people on the right would be dinging Romney, and she did that, too.

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