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Another Domino Falls For Obama

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/10/10

As I noted yesterday, the poll dominoes are falling. And it’s getting to the point that an obvious Leftist skew, over-sampling of Democrats cannot prop up Obama’s poll numbers high enough. Today, it’s Investors Business Daily’s turn to tumble. In a poll conducted October 4 to October 9, Romney leads Obama by 5. And it’s a poll that gives an RDI of D+8. Obama trails by 5 in a poll that gives Democrats an 8 point over-sample.

Some of the numbers in the poll:
High school education, Obama is -6
Some college, Obama is -10
College degree or above, Obama is -2

Single women, Obama is +21
Married women, Obama is -4

Obama only gets 86 percent of the Democrat vote while Romney gets 7 percent of the Democrat vote and 95 percent of the Republican vote. Among independents, Obama is -20 with an additional 12 percent undecided. And history shows the undecided vote breaks hard against the incumbent.

Those dominoes, they are a fallin’.

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