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To Anyone Interested In This Poor Man’s Story

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/08/31

I lost my decently paying job in November 2008, right before Thanksgiving. I moved in with my daughter in 2010 to care for her son since she was a single mother in the US Army. Beginning in April, 2012, I have once again lived alone. From the day I moved in with her until today, I have lost a total of 15 pounds. I now weigh a single pound more than the heaviest I was in High School. Thanks to a one-meal-a-day, spaghetti-every-day diet for the last 6 months, I now weigh 130 pounds.

You can lose weight, too, if 60 percent of your income goes to rent and another 25 percent of your income goes to gasoline to get your income in a state with one of the lowest gasoline prices in America.

Help the starving! Help the impoverished! Donate to my site, and donate big!


2 Responses to “To Anyone Interested In This Poor Man’s Story”

  1. I splurged recently. I bought a 5-pound stick of ground beef and the hamurger helper (beef stroganof) to go with it. You know when that qualifies as splurging, you’re in a world of hurt. Well, that’s where I am. I was recently capable of splurging to such extravagance. It has been a long time since I have been able to be that extravagant. And it will likely be some time before I’m able to be that extravagant again.


  2. I am very thankful for the help from people who came forward. It is very much appreciated and will help in a very real way.

    Thank you.


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