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Hvad har dig, der er ny?

Posted by DNW on 2012/08/10

Or something …

I don’t know. I feel alright. Pretty good in fact. So what am I doing putting this up for?

See I was exploring the odd corners of the Internet and dragging a line through YouTube for jazz tunes, when one link led to another – as so often is the case – and I came across this image of a little Euro-Nebbish (alright so I’m not an expert in Yiddish) looking guy and a woman who I took to be a late 1960’s Nashville Grand Old Opry star.

Was Gotta Fertig Gnew

Well, it turns out that the guy is a Belgian harmonica and guitar player who had a brush with fame in the US at one point, and that the woman is Danish. Toots Thielemans on that most annoying of instruments, the harmonica, and a quite good singer whose name  sounds something like Brigitte or Bridget Lustig.

Fertig Gnewww!
So what’s the point? Other than that she does have mighty big hair piled atop of a very attractive face?

If  you are willing,  give a listen (that’s  Nashville inspired talk) to her speaking voice, and then contrast it with her  singing accent.

I don’t think that even a dialects expert could be certain that this woman was not an American. And, if you tolerate Samba flavored early 1960’s pop music well, you might want to watch the video for a little longer than it takes to do only that.

Oh,  what I was looking for, which I think I may have already placed in a comments section. Well, you won’t want to miss it.  John Coltrane, Germany, 1960.


3 Responses to “Hvad har dig, der er ny?”

  1. Yorkshire said

    Hvad har dig, der er ny? Is Danish for

    What have you, there are new?


  2. Yorkshire said

    Had a Dane exchange student here for a year. ” Ny” is Danish for “New”. In Copenhagen the big two waterfront tourist stops is “The Little Mermaid” from the HC Andersen book; and the other is Nyhavn which is New Harbor. Nyhavn has the waterfront with all the different colored buildings


  3. DNW said

    Yorkshire said
    2012/08/18 at 21:18 e

    Hvad har dig, der er ny? Is Danish for

    What have you, there are new?”

    I’m not even sure I heard exactly right. I tried to get the title close to what I thought was said; while the picture caption is obviously pure gibberish and not even pidgin Danish.

    A couple of years of German and some familiarity with Old English, doesn’t quite get you there. Or me.

    I figure that what whatshisname was trying to say was something like, “What do you have new for us?”. Maybe.

    Such are harmless distractions. While Foxfier contemplates the metaphysical geometry of her Paul Ryan at poolside image, I’m still prepared to marvel at Ms Fertig Gnew’s ability to sound American.


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