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“You didn’t build that …” revisited

Posted by DNW on 2012/08/07

By now we all know that what the Prez was intending to say was that it was some enabling infrastructure, material and presumably social as well, that the proud entrepreneur didn’t build.

No, while Mr. Businessman might have, you know, taken an idea provided to him by others and run with it, his success was the result of a collective effort channeled through taxes and enabled by the grace of a supportive government harnessing the collective and synergistic energies of every last one of us, no matter how humble.

Why, so it is now and so it always has been …  for everything important at least.

Another Government Sponsored Enterprise?

Well, no actually. Ok they used  Weather Bureau data for information on where to find a windy spot in the region Chanute suggested, and a Coast Guardsman took the picture.

On the other hand …

He didn’t build that alone. The government helped.

It will be remembered that Dr. Samuel P. Langley, while Director and Secretary of the Smithsonian, with a $50,000 government fund at his disposal for experiments (besides $20,000 from the Hodgkins fund …”



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