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The Ram And The Rock

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/07/25

There once was a ram who lived in South Dakota. Now this ram was a nomadic, constantly traveling sort. He roamed the state, never sleeping in the same place twice. As each new day rose, the ram would arbitrarily choose a direction to travel with no real plans of ever actually getting to any particular place. He just traveled randomly.

On one such a day, the ram chose for no particular reason to travel in a particular direction. But this particular day, the ram came face-to-face with Mount Rushmore. And Mount Rushmore was standing directly in the way of the ram’s arbitrarily chosen direction of travel. Mount Rushmore was blocking the ram’s path.

So, the ram decided to get Mount Rushmore out of his way. He head-butted it, rammed it, charged it. He continued head-butting, ramming, charging all morning and well into the afternoon, with absolutely no progress. Exasperated, the ram took a step back and looked up at Mount Rushmore.

“You need to quit being so stubborn and get out of my way,” the ram yelled up to Mount Rushmore.

Mount Rushmore replied, “Perry, will you never learn? I am here, firmly embedded in this place. Here I have been since long before you arrived and here I will remain long after you are gone. You can keep charging, ramming, head-butting as long as you will, but you will not ever be able to move me. The most likely outcome of your constant rammings, chargings, head-buttings is you will be permanently brain-damaged, while I remain here firmly embedded in this place.”

The randomly wandering ram did not heed Mount Rushmore’s advice, but continued ramming, charging, head-butting the immovable object which had been there long before the ram arrived and will be there long after the ram is dead and forgotten.


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