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Praise And Worship

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/07/19

In these End Times, with the many anti-christs and, I fervently believe, THE Anti-Christ walking the Earth today and doing their worst, it behooves us to take some time to look to the One, the Savior, the King of Kings. For our destiny is glorious, and not of our doing.





4 Responses to “Praise And Worship”

  1. joesix said

    End times. Anti-Christ. Okay.


  2. Joe, this IS a Christian Conservative site. That much should be obvious to anyone who bothered to read the “about” section of this site. If you choose to mock and blaspheme Providence, then you will be declaring yourself through with commenting on this site.


  3. joesix said

    Would Jesus block blog commenters?


  4. Actually, Joe, He would. And your mockery of the Almighty, after being duly warned, is so noted.


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