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Is George Soros a racist?

Posted by Dana Pico on 2012/07/17

From Foxfier:

Allen West targeted by new Soros-backed SuperPAC – Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion

07 12 12

I have mentioned before how Allen West is on the top 10 target list for Democrats this year, Dem SuperPAC targeting “Tea Party 10″.

For that reason, among others, West is on the Operation Counterweight list, and we have a separate Focus Page with his website and other links.

Now a SuperPAC has been formed specifically to get rid of West, as reported by The Shark Tank:

via » Allen West targeted by new Soros-backed SuperPAC – Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion.

We have had some people who have equated suspected that opposition to President Obama’s policies must be motivated by racism. Well, Representative Allen West (R-FL-22) is black, so, by using the logic that some other people have used, shouldn’t we at least suspect that George Soros’ opposition to Mr West could be motivated by racism?

Now, whether Mr Soros is actually a racist is something about which I have absolutely no information. But Foxfier’s brief article points out the silliness of the position that opposition to a black person’s policies must be motivated by racism. Then-Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) presented a health care plan fairly similar to what was passed into law; had she been elected, and a stimulus plan and universal health care plan been passed, would our liberal from Lewes be telling us that Republican opposition to her policies must be motivated by deeply-seated sexism?

In 2008, former Senator John Edwards (D-NC) was also running, and was considered the third of the top three candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination.1 Like Senators Clinton and Obama, Mr Edwards had a universal health care coverage plan as part of his platform, one not terribly dissimilar from the plans offered by Senators Clinton and Obama. Had Senator Edwards won the nomination, and the general election, he would have attempted to get his health care plan passed,2 and probably some sort of stimulus plan in 2009; would Republican opposition to those have proved that we hated white men? For that matter, had former Governor Mitt Romney (R-MA) won the 2008 Republican nomination,3 and proposed something like the Massachusetts plan known as RomneyCare, and we opposed that, would that have made us, well, what now?

What it would have made us are people who supported or opposed given political positions or policies on principles, not on the race or gender of the politician promoting them. More, it makes us people who believe that a person’s race should not define his political positions. As noted here, when our Democrat from Delaware opined that we evil Republicans must hate blacks and women and Mormons and Hispanics and homosexuals and non-Christians, John Hitchcock’s list of endorsements just happened to be loaded up with the groups that our frequent Democratic commenter assured us we, and he, must hate, and, coincidentally enough, didn’t include even one Anglo white male.4

Why? Because Mr Hitchcock was choosing favored candidates based on where they stood, not for whom they were; he was selecting based upon the content of their character, not the color of their skin. In favoring Ted Cruz for the Texas Republican senatorial nomination, he is favoring a man running against a solid, Anglo white male, Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst (R-TX)

You see, that’s what real conservatives do. We aren’t looking at people’s race or religion, but at their beliefs and political positions. We want to unite people who are Americans as Americans, not divide them into separate groups, selecting some for favored treatment and others for special burdens. And that is the primary thing that separates us from the liberals.
1 There were other candidates, such as Governor Bill Richardson (D-NM), Representative Dennis Kucinich (Kook-OH) and former Governor Mike Gravel (D-AK), running, but they were always considered the longest of long shots, and their vote totals confirmed that.
2 Though it wouldn’t have been in time to pay for the birth of Rielle Hunter’s daughter.
3 He did run for the nomination in 2008, but withdrew two days after the Super Tuesday primaries left him trailing Senator John McCain by more than two-to-one in delegates.
4 Mr Hitchcock’s endorsement list:



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