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US House Of Representatives Vote To Repeal ObamaCare

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/07/11

The US House of Representatives voted today to repeal ObamaCare, with five Democrats crossing the aisle to vote with the Republicans. As I predicted, Harry Reid has declared the US Senate will not vote on the bill, just like Harry Reid prevented a similar House Bill from being voted on in the Senate in 2011.

More on this later, as I build the article. And apologies for the lateness as I was in the midst of writing an article responding to the radical Leftist Perry Hood of Lewes, Delaware, and his unhinged, fact-free rant about Texas, which included the “severe drought” and how everything was going kaput, when I had to take a 3-hour break due to a strong thunderstorm which caused rivers of water down the gravel drive and heavy ponding in the yard, and caused an internet outage for me.

From The Hill (HT Hot Air):

The five Democrats who supported repeal were Reps. Dan Boren (Okla.), Larry Kissell (N.C.), Jim Matheson (Utah), Mike McIntyre (N.C.) and Mike Ross (Ark.).

Matheson voted against the original law but did not vote for its repeal last year.

In a statement after the vote, Matheson, who faces a tough reelection bid, said he had voted against the healthcare bill “at every opportunity” but did not mention last year’s opposition to repeal. He cited statistics showing that healthcare costs are still projected to rise at a greater rate than the economy, indicating the law has had little if any impact.

“With the Supreme Court ruling behind us, and as I reflect on my conversations with Utahans, I think about protecting the future of our economy,” he said. “We must scrap this flawed effort once and for all, start over and do it right.”

Note: Jim Matheson (D – Utah) is up against Truth Before Dishonor endorsed Mia Love, and in a fight for his political life. That could very easily explain both his vote and his dishonest and dishonorable statement after his vote.

Kissell, also in a tough reelection fight, had earlier announced his intention to switch his position on repeal, citing the law’s continued unpopularity with his constituents.

The other three — Boren, McIntyre and Ross — all voted to scrap the law in 2011 and opposed its enactment.

I have updated my ObamaCare Roll Call page with today’s vote, with an extremely modified version of a roll call. If you wish to see the actual Roll Call as provided by the Office of the Clerk of the US House of Representatives, it is provided here.


34 Responses to “US House Of Representatives Vote To Repeal ObamaCare”

  1. joesix said

    Republicans are more than welcome to move to the few remaining countries left without socialized medicine. They include Haiti, Bangladesh, and Turkmenistan.


  2. Why should the nation which provides the greatest health care in the world, the nation with the greatest health care innovations in the world, the nation with the greatest health care research in the world, the nation to which so many people leave their Socialist Health Care systems for the best care possible — why should that nation, the US destroy the best in order to replace it with the abysmally failed Socialist system you support, Joesix?

    By the way, Joesix, it isn’t just Republicans who want ObamaCare repealed, and have ever since it was signed into Law. A clear majority of voters in the US absolutely want it repealed. You are in a decided minority here, with your Socialist blather.


  3. joesix said

    The US health care system is far from being the best in the world (37th according to WHO), and Obamacare is far from being socialism. We spend more on health care than any other nation and get the worst bang for our buck.

    Before the Koch brothers convinced everyone to wear tea bags and demand to “Keep guvment out of Medycare,” the majority of Americans supported a single-payer system. Obamacare itself is the Republicans’ health care plan from the 90s.


  4. Your first comment was “first comment moderation.” Your second comment went into moderation because it had more than one link.

    You’re new to TBD, so I’ll excuse your ignorance. Your radical Leftist personal attack against the Libertarian Koch brothers is a non-starter with informed people. You need to examine Open to get better informed of the Truth. That is, if you’re at all interested in Truth. It’s been covered here on more than one occasion.

    For Unions to be proportionately representative, they would need to have only 15 of the top 140 biggest political spenders, and yet they have 14 of the top 30 and 15 of the top 40! Unions represent 29 of the top 140 biggest political spenders, or just over 20 percent. From 1989 to present, Unions in the top 140 biggest political spenders have spent a combined 667,321,417 dollars on politics, and almost monolithically Democrat/Leftist politics. The top 140 spent a combined 2,367,159,046 dollars on politics in that time period, meaning Unions spent 28.2 percent of the political money of the top 140, far in excess of their proportionate representation, even considering Unions’ 21 percent representation in 1983 (which has been steadily falling since then).

    Again, since 1989, Unions have spent 667.3 million (over 2/3 of a billion) dollars on politics. How much has the Left’s bogeyman, the Koch brothers, spent? A paltry 12.7 million dollars. So, next time some radical Leftist complains about the Koch brothers, remind that person that Unions are outspending the Koch brothers nearly 55 to 1. And while you’re at it, remind them that Unions are outspending their representative proportion more than 2 to 1.

    Oh, by the way, that great evil, FOX News? Its parent company is on the list, at number 81, with 51 percent of its political money going to Democrats and only 48 percent going to Republicans. But in Liberal la-la land, that means they’re in the tank for Republicans.

    The Koch brothers are 77th on the list of the Top 140, well below that of a great many monolithicly Democrat political funders.

    And, sorry, citing WHO is like citing Marx. Fully radicalized Leftist/Socialist garbage, and wholly useless.


  5. joesix said

    I’m not so interested in arguing why millions of blue-collar union workers should logically have more political clout than two billionaire brothers. I’d much rather go back to health care and find out what statistics or personal experiences are convincing you that our system is the most awesome health care system in the world and in no need of repair.


  6. You’re not interested in what? You’re not interested in the explanation why your Tenth Commandment-violating ilk have to lie about the Koch brothers in a comment thread where your Tenth Commandment-violating self lied about the Koch brothers and a bunch of other stuff?

    Okay, fine.

    Thank you, drive-by.


  7. joesix said

    I dishonored the Sabbath day? I’m lying? Are the Koch brothers not two billionaire brothers who largely funded the Tea Party movement and shaped the public discourse as a choice between corporate rule and socialism? Are you intentionally trying to frame this discussion in a similar way because you have no evidence to support that America’s health care system rocks and other countries’ suck?


  8. Joesix, if you take a look at my left-hand sidebar, you will find the Tenth Commandment, which you are violating. And yes, you are indeed lying.

    Are the Koch brothers not two billionaire brothers who largely funded the Tea Party movement and shaped the public discourse as a choice between corporate rule and socialism?

    That is, indeed, multiple radical Leftist lies wrapped in a single declarative disguised as a question. And you Dishonor yourself by your absolute rejection of Truth.


  9. joesix said

    It’s easy to call something a lie, it’s much harder to prove it. The list you cited from Open Secrets keeps track of all political donors since 1989, well before Koch Industries became the second largest privately owned company in the US. Some figures from 2001 to 2008 bumps them up to #20 ( ). I haven’t found a source yet tracking those figures from 2009 to present, after the birth of the Tea Party and Koch Industries’ profits rose 800%. FreedomWorks and Americans for Prosperity’s 501c status makes it harder to find out just how much of it they’re bankrolling ( ).

    Of course, there are the other bogeymen responsible for convincing Medicare recipients to wear tea bags on their hats. You can see the top 20 PACs by total independent expenditures from 2009 to 2010, with Karl Rove’s American Crossroads leading the way ( ). This year, the top five donors to specific political campaigns have so far been mostly Republican, with Sheldon Adelson on top ( ).

    I do apologize for briefly suggesting that the Koch brothers were the sole billionaires funding the Tea Party. Now that we have that settled, can we go back to the topic of this post and find out why you think other countries’ forms of socialized medicine are worse than our own?


  10. Thank you for proving, once again, how you Leftists cannot help but violate the Tenth Commandment. The TEA Party is an organic, grass-roots movement not beholden to anybody. The same cannot be said of any of the Leftist anti-TEA Party reactionary — and violent, destructive, terroristic — counter-movements.

    The fact that you cannot stop with your propagandistic efforts to demonize millions of Liberty Loving Americans is very clear for all to see. The fact that you are still supporting that thing which a majority of Americans want thrown out is also very clear for all to see.


  11. joesix said

    Take it easy, man. I don’t want your donkey. Are and propaganda? Like I said before, it’s easy to call something a lie, it’s much harder to prove it. If my claims don’t reflect the truth with a capital T, by all means, show me the numbers to set me straight. Using nothing but insults and hyperbolic language seems a tad more sinful than donkey envy.

    Now that we have that settled, can we go back to the topic of this post and find out why you think other countries’ forms of socialized medicine are worse than our own?


  12. The Koch brothers did not “largely fund the TEA Party movement.” To claim such is to lie. The Koch brothers did not lay down a choice between “corporate rule and socialism.” To claim such is to lie. And your incessant gripes about who has more money than you is a violation of the Tenth Commandment.

    So you have been busily violating both the Ninth and the Tenth Commandments since you showed up here. There’s a reason this site is named Truth Before Dishonor. This site is a Christian Conservative Tenther^2 (Amendment and Commandment) site. You will make no headway here violating the Ninth Commandment, the Tenth Commandment, or the Tenth Amendment.

    If you want to try again without violating the Ninth Commandment and the Tenth Commandment and without pushing for the total destruction of the Tenth Amendment, go ahead. But I have absolutely no reason to believe you’re even capable of staying within those strictures, as evidenced by what you have written here so far.


  13. joesix said

    I gave you ample evidence to show that the Tea Party movement and Republican candidates have received the majority of their funding from the Koch brothers, Karl Rove, and Sheldon Adelson. I even cited, which was the first and last source you cited. If my claims don’t reflect the truth with a capital T, by all means, show me the numbers to set me straight. If you want to keep using insults and hyperbolic language to avoid an actual discussion about healthcare, by all means go for it. There’s thousands of other conservative bloggers out there for me to interact with who happen to back up their arguments with evidence.


  14. I gave you ample evidence to show that the Tea Party movement and Republican candidates have received the majority of their funding from the Koch brothers, Karl Rove, and Sheldon Adelson.

    You make some very faulty assumptions in your continued Leftist violation of the Tenth Commandment. The TEA Party has not gotten “a majority of their funding” from anyone. The TEA Party is organic, grass-roots. It is the Leftist anti-TEA Party movements that are top-down, primarily funded by Leftist bigshots, and very astroturf; the TEA Party is not. It is patently false to claim that Republican candidates get the majority of their money from “those evil rich people”. Money bombs. Tens of thousand of people contributing 250 or less, oftentimes far less, to give millions of dollars to each of various candidates proves your accusations to be false.

    There is a reason why both the Tenth Amendment and the Tenth Commandment is in my side-bar. It is because we as Christian Conservatives stand up for both the Constitution and the Bible. It is impossible for a member of the Left to actually accomplish his political goals without violating both the Tenth Commandment and the Tenth Amendment. And you are busily proving you cannot push forth your agenda without violating the Ninth Commandment, as well.


  15. joesix said

    I’m not just making assumptions, I’m relaying facts. I kindly invited you to disprove those facts with some of your own, yet you continue to rely on personal attacks (dare I say “bear false witness”?). Even more perplexing, you remain committed to avoiding any serious discussion about healthcare, the supposed topic of this post. I’ll give you another chance to counter the evidence in the links I provided. I’ll even offer you another to keep you busy.


  16. Even more perplexing, you remain committed to avoiding any serious discussion about healthcare, the supposed topic of this post.

    I will not let you get away with your Class Warfare (a sin), Class Envy (a sin) lie-filled (a sin) attack on the Koch brothers. And you are continuing to try to wedge in lie-filled attacks on the Koch brothers. So, no, your absolute violations of the Ninth and Tenth Commandments will not get a pass here.

    The TEA Party crowds did not get paid to be there, unlike many of the Coffee Party crowd (which failed miserable), many of the Madison, WI rabble-rousers (which failed miserably), many of the Occupods (which failed miserably). Nor did the 9/12 crowds get paid. Nor did other Conservative crowds get paid to show up. But a great many Leftists were indeed paid to show up. In fact, many Union members were required by their Union bosses to show up, or risk losing their jobs.

    Again, I said the American Leftist agenda, of which you are a strident advocate, cannot survive without demanding everyone violate the Tenth Commandment, nor can it survive without the absolute annihilation of the Tenth Amendment, and obviously, it cannot survive — at all — without violating the Ninth Commandment.

    Thus, Truth Before Dishonor. The Left cannot help but dishonor themselves, as you have been here busily doing: dishonoring yourself by eschewing Truth and integrity and facts.

    Do yourself a favor, Joe, and read some of the roughly 1,000 articles here. You’ll find all manner of links and facts and links to other links and more facts. “Study to shew thyself approved,” Joe. You’ll learn your sophomoric sophistry cannot survive examination by those who write here or by those who read here and occasionally comment.

    Admit you lied about the Koch brothers. Admit you were actively violating the Tenth Commandment in your attacks. And admit your “tea bag” garbage was intentionally meant to allude to a homosexual act that the Left constantly uses against TEA Partiers. Once you have done that, we can move forward. Until you do that, we cannot move forward.


  17. Yorkshire said

    Here’s my thought and observations on Obamascare. First, the House did the right thing. Now to an Opinion. BO has stated in writing that when he went to college he sought out the radical students, and the Marxist Professors. His mentor in Hawaii was a card carying Marxist named Frank Marshall Davis. So, given that BO has been well schooled in Marxism by his own writings and in the talking book of Dreams of my Father (whoever he was. BO looks a lot like MalcomX) he looks at the world, and his adopted country, in Marxist terms. Now what hasn’t been discussed is the Marxist leanings of Collectives. If you look at his distribute the wealth, that is a Collective thought. Now when you hear things about Obamatax, in the terms of a Marxist, it starts to look like Health Care is a Collective where you go and wait your turn to be denied.


  18. Yorkshire said

    joesix said
    2012/07/16 at 10:31 e

    Good, now look at Obama-Soros connections – Next.


  19. joesix said

    Mr. Hitchcock,

    If you have no evidence to educate me with, I suppose I’ll leave you to your soliloquy about sins and homosexual acts. Have an excellent day, and best of luck in Turkmenistan.


  20. First: My last name contains a four-letter word that automatically sends your comment into moderation, due to its regular use in unsavory spam comments.

    Second: Your retreat from the facts is duly noted, Joe. Since you have to lie and covet and destroy Liberty, you cannot survive the facts that are laid out on this site. So you retreat with your tail between your legs. If you are gone, so be it. Do come back when you can admit to your previous lies and stand ready to be de-brainwashed.


  21. joesix said

    Mr. Yorkshire,

    If Barack Obama truly was a Marxist, we would have a single-payer system rather than a mandate that will only serve to increase the customers in the private insurance market. People in universal healthcare systems aren’t “denied” coverage nor are they living under fascist regimes, despite what many passionate conservatives may claim. They spend less on healthcare as part of their GDP and typically have longer lifespans. The service is just as good as in the US, which I can attest to with personal experience.

    George Soros’ funding of progressive causes is no excuse for conservative and libertarian’s likewise excessive funding of various candidates and movements. It represents the bigger problem of our political discourse being shaped by those with the biggest wallets. Remember to e-mail your senators today to support passing the DISCLOSE Act.


  22. If Baraka Obama were truly a Marxist, he would have been a registered Socialist while being a Socialist “community organizer” in Chicago.

    Wait a minute. …

    He was!

    There goes your fictitious argument, Joe.

    And George Soros, the unrepentant Nazi collaborator and convicted Insider Trader, is as anti-America as you can get.


  23. But once again, thank you for proving that you Leftists cannot push anything without violating The ALMIGHTY’S Tenth Commandment. You envious louts cannot help yourselves.


  24. Dana Pico said

    Joeonesixth wrote:

    If Barack Obama truly was a Marxist, we would have a single-payer system rather than a mandate that will only serve to increase the customers in the private insurance market. People in universal healthcare systems aren’t “denied” coverage nor are they living under fascist regimes, despite what many passionate conservatives may claim. They spend less on healthcare as part of their GDP and typically have longer lifespans. The service is just as good as in the US, which I can attest to with personal experience.

    Had President Obama pushed for an actual single-payer system, it would never have passed. There were two Democratic candidates for the 2008 nomination who advocated a single-payer plan, Representative Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) and former Governor Mike Gravel (D-AK), and neither made any headway at all; Mr Gravel never polled more than 1% and Mr Kucinich was hovering around the kook fringe mentality.

    President Obama took what he could get, but, as nearly as I can see, what has been created is a system designed to fail. If it is not repealed, it will muddle around until it becomes so unworkable, the Democrats will say that a single-payer system is all that’s left, because we’ll have become so used to government-guaranteed health care that the sensible alternative, the pre-2009 system, is not considered an option.

    And that’s really what the Democrats wanted: to change the system to one in which health care was guaranteed for long enough that a return to a non-guaranteed system was simply unworkable. Then they could really work their mischief.


  25. joesix said

    Mr. Hitch****,

    I registered as “Jedi” on my last voter registration card, yet I’m not fully able to move objects with the Force or deflect laser blasts with my lightsaber. President Obama’s actions similarly discount him from being a Marxist. And as much as I’d love to go through your thousands of other posts in the hopes of finding something I think you would use to disprove my arguments, there are other bloggers out there who refrain from personal attacks and attempt to debate me with actual facts. Some have joined in on this very post, as it so happens.


  26. joesix said

    Ms. Pico,

    You bring up an excellent point. The Democrats never sold the single-payer system in an accessible way to the American people. If they had called their single-payer plan “Medicare for all” or reminded us that the US is one of the last developed countries on Earth without a universal healthcare system, we might have avoided this debate entirely.

    As much as us Kucinich supporters may have pined for the single-payer plan, the employer-based mandate we’ll soon have will likely not fail. My current home of South Korea is proof enough of that. Medical visits and medications are ridiculously more affordable (never more than $10) and the service is top-notch. Looking at the bigger picture, South Korea spends 6% of their GDP on healthcare while the US spends 15%, the highest in the world.


  27. Joe, Dana is a man. I can understand how you could confuse him for a woman since his name can be used for both boys and girls; however, the “about” section of this site shows Dana to be a man. “Study to shew thyself approved”, Joe.

    As far as your claims of “personal attacks”, what do you think your “tea bag” references are, Joe? Those are highly offensive personal attacks, and you know it. That’s why you did it. What do you think your lie-filled (violation of the Ninth Commandment) Class Warfare (violation of the Tenth Commandment) attacks against the Koch brothers are, Joe?

    But I would like to thank you, Joe, for your self-identifying as a fringe Leftist kook in identifying yourself of one of the twelve or so ardent supporters of the Ohio Kook Dennis Kucinich. You claim to live in South Korea. One of the commenters here has multiple restaurants in South Korea. He married a South Korean woman who just recently became a US citizen and now holds dual citizenship with South Korea.

    Your value system does not fit that of South Korea. Perhaps you should move about 70 miles north to a place that better fits your political value structure. It has worked so well there, you should be very happy.


  28. Actually, Joe, since your ipnum puts you in Seoul, you only need move 25 miles or so north. South Koreans absolutely despise the Kommunist Krap you espouse, so you should feel much more comfortable moving that 25 miles north. Or do you depend on that enemy of Obama and Kucinich and all Socialists, the dreaded capitalist free market, for your livelihood? Are you, in fact, a flaming hypocrite?


  29. Dana Pico said

    Mr Six, I’m going to quote an article I had posted on a now closed website, concerning the great socialized medical care system in Japan:

    Even though Big Lizards is on my blogroll, I’ll admit that I don’t check it often enough; that seems to be a mistake on my part. Well, I went there a few minutes ago, and read an article by Sachi ab Hugh¹, about the tremendous care her father received back home in Japan:

    “VIP” Treatment Under Nationalized Health Care

    A few days ago, my 77 year old father, who lives in Japan, fell and couldn’t get up for more than an hour. He was taken to a hospital, where he still rests.

    Last night my mother called to update me with a summary of his condition: He has a compressed disk, it seems (it’s hard to translate from Japanese to English and from Mom-speak to ordinary human language). The condition is somewhat serious but not life threatening; he’ll have to spend a few weeks in hospital. Too bad; New Year’s is the biggest holiday season in Japan.

    I’m sure everyone reading this post knows that Japan has socialized medicine (national health care, single-payer, however you want to call it). It’s not as draconian as the NHS in the United Kingdom or the Canadian national and provincial health-care system; but it is universal — everyone must pay for government insurance. Fortunately, those who are well off can also buy private insurance in addition… and they can use that instead of the government system (unlike in the UK or Canada).

    In other words, Japan already has the system that proponents of ObamaCare eventually want to install here in America. So let’s take a look at how it works in the real world.

    After Mom reassured me about my father’s condition, she started talking about last year around this time, when she had to have stomach surgery.

    “Oh Sachi, the care I received was wonderful!” she said; “I stayed in a private room which was like in a nice hotel. It had a private bathroom. The nurses were nice. The doctors were wonderful. I spent nine days in the hospital and only paid ¥80,000!” [About 800 dollars]

    “Really?” I asked; “government insurance actually covered all that?”

    “Oh, of course not; I have three insurance policies,” she proudly announced.

    There’s a lot more at Mrs ab Hugh’s original, but, in short, you can get great health care in Japan, if you pay extra for private insurance and have the connections to go around the waiting lines and the courtesy to send “thank you” gifts after you get your treatment. She noted that, for the father of a friend who had only the regular socialized medicine coverage, things weren’t quite so good. Or, as Mrs ab Hugh concluded:

    You see? National health care works great… so long as you’re rich enough to afford the premium level of government insurance and to buy multiple additional private policies; so long as you have influential relatives; and so long as you’re willing and able to brazenly bribe the doctors and bureaucrats who run the system.

    Thing is, the treatment Mrs ab Hugh’s father got was pretty much the kind of treatment I have received when I needed medical care. Unlike her father, however, I never had to wait three days for preliminary care or X-rays.

    Of course, our friends on the left assure us that the quality of our health care system wouldn’t decrease at all, and that we’ll save money to boot. I keep wondering why, though, that every time I read about some other country’s nationalized health care system, that, regardless of how it is organized, I never hear about treatment being as good as it is in the United States.
    ¹ – Sachi ab Hugh’s article was crossposted on Hot Air’s Green Room.

    The last thing I would ever want is socialized medicine. It just plain sucks.


  30. joesix said

    Ms. Hitch****,

    As I mentioned, I have no need to move to North Korea for access to affordable healthcare (though I am excited to attend the USO’s DMZ tour in a couple weeks). South Korea has an employer-based mandate similar to that in Obamacare. The people are generally satisfied, spend less on healthcare than we do, and have a higher life expectancy ( ). I can’t speak for your Korean pen pal, but I feel the need to add that most Koreans I interact with take their English learning quite seriously and would never spell “communist” with a K.


  31. joesix said

    Mr. Pico,

    Though I never experienced Japanese healthcare for myself, I also never heard my Japanese friends complain about it when I lived there. They do have the highest life expectancy in the world and seem to beat us in every other health indicator except when it comes to tuberculosis ( ). Their system has its share of problems, particularly for the growing senior population, but they are still more satisfied with their healthcare than Americans and end up paying less ( ).


  32. Yorkshire said

    If the Korean system is so great, why didn’t they tell my son and D-I-L the girl they adopted from Korea was deaf.


  33. joesix said

    Mr. Yorkshire,

    Unfortunately, physical and mental disabilities are still widely ignored around the world. (including some parts of the US). These cultural stigmas go back hundreds of years and may not evolve any time soon. I’ve taught in a few classrooms with students who were obviously autistic, but their parents and teachers pretended they were just a little slower

    I don’t know about the situation with your granddaughter, but we Americans have our own problem of making quick and often false diagnoses. My coworkers and I once assumed that one of our students was hearing impaired, but recently discovered that she was just terrified of having to spend all day with us scary, big-eyed people speaking a funny language. Whatever the case, I wish your family the best of luck.


  34. Yorkshire said

    Thanks. My son and D-I-L caught it before she was one. Over the last few years she has received two cochlear inplants and has hearing. Speech has been slow, but it hasn’t slowed down anything else. She has that Asian mind that soaks everything up. She can do ASL (Sign Language) too fast for most of us. She’s in mainstream school and keeps up or exceeds others. Show her something once, and that’s all. She has and then improves on it. Coming out of kindergarten she can read and write in whole sentences. It was a shame it was missed, but the six months lost has been made up. The diagnosis was simple. My son thinking she had a hearing problem blew up a paper bag, walked up behind her and smashed it for a bang, and she did not react, or turn around.


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