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Maryland Follows Illinois And California Down The Toilet

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/07/09

Truth Before Dishonor has provided multiple articles following the tax-and-regulate schemes of Illinois and California, and the resultant business and people flight away from those Leftist-run states to far more tax-friendly states. We have also shown how the tax-friendly states have been far more economically successful than the Leftist tax-heavy states, in an article Le-gal In-sur-rec-tion named “Post of the Day”. We noted that Illinois’ Democrats — in a move showing even they know that tax increases are economically harmful — provided a major corporation with a 100 million dollar tax credit in order to keep the corporation in the state.

Now, from Hot Air comes the news about Maryland’s own tax-payer flight from high taxes. Yes, Maryland created a confiscatory “millionaire surtax” and, surprise of surprises, Maryland’s wealthy fled the state to places like income tax-free Florida. So, the “soak the rich” tax increase caused Maryland to lose tax revenue in huge chunks. Their decision to raise tax rates on the productive caused them to lose tax dollars in the coffers! Just like we TEA Party commonsense Constitutional Conservatives declared would be the case! Imagine that.

In other economic news, the 17 states that elected Republican Governors in 2010 all saw their unemployment rates drop, and at a faster aggregate rate than the nation as a whole, while the Democrat side cannot say the same thing. “Unexpected” by the “expert” economists, I’m sure.

It’s very clear which side is the more economically and budgetarily successful, so if you’re interested in improving our nation’s economic condition or budget condition, there is only one Party for which to vote. And they ain’t the donkeys.

4 Responses to “Maryland Follows Illinois And California Down The Toilet”

  1. Yorkshire said

    Living in Southern PA, about 1.9 miles from the Mason-Dixon Line we have had a steady migration of the people South of the M-D Line for the almost 38 years I’ve lived here. We live in a development of most transplanted tax refugees from the “Free State” as MD bills itself. Ain’t a damn thing free there. If MOM (Martin O’Malley) could figure out how to tax the “air” they breathe, he would. In PA York, County is one of the fastest growing counties in the state of PA. If I could move my house 4 miles south, it would sell for 50% more, and the same with taxes. The nice thing about PA, Retirement Income is not taxed and I live in a state that actually has a Two Party system compared to MD’s 70% Demoncrats who never met a tax they didn’t want to increase.


  2. Yorkshire said

    This is the Maryland side of the boundary marker ACTUALLY placed by Mason and Dixon around the 1750’s or so. They were placed at every mile. The 5 mile marker called a “Crown” Stone had the coat of Arms of the Penn Family and the Calvert Family. The line runs on for over 200 miles until it became too hostile to work on the line. This was done using Mid 18th century surveying. Modern surveys show about a 5 foot deviation on either side. The line starts at the conjunction of MD, DE & PA in northeastern MD. And remember, they had to cross the Susquehanna R. which is over a mile wide.


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