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Supreme Court Decision: Knox v SEIU

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/06/22

As people await the ObamaCare decision from SCOTUS, other decisions of importance are coming out. Yesterday, SCOTUS released their decision in Knox v SEIU that a PEU cannot force members to pay a special assessment for political campaigning without prior permission from said member. This is an important decision.

Holding: The case is not moot, and the First Amendment does not permit a public-sector union to impose a special assessment without the affirmative consent of a member upon whom it is imposed.

The SEIU argued, basically “it’s too hard to get permission first before we take their money and campaign (for radical Leftist and totalitarian causes), and besides, the issue is moot anyway because we paid the money in question back.” To which, SCOTUS said it isn’t moot. PEUs cannot take the money without permission, even if they give it back when someone complains. PEUs have to get permission first. It is a First Amendment violation to do what SEIU (and every Union, PEU or otherwise) has been doing by confiscating people’s money and spending it on political campaigns to which those people are averse.

Now it’s time for the radical Leftists to scream about the hyper-partisan right-wingers on SCOTUS, such as Sotomayor (Obama nominee) and Ginsburg (Clinton nominee). The “hyper-partisan” decision was 7-2, with only Kagan and Breyer siding with the strong-arm tactics of SEIU.

(The graphic on the right brought to you by Open

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