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Thank You, Authors

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/06/18

I have some of the best diverse authors on the internet (in the narrow band representing over 40 percent of American citizens: Conservatives and Libertarians). They consist of people from “just starting a family” to welcoming grandchildren; “stay at home mom” (who is a Navy vet) to industrial management and academic elite; 3-prong hyper-Conservative to strong Libertarian (with a Conservative bent). And I am thankful for the blessings Providence gave me in sending each of them to me. If not for them, Truth Before Dishonor would be severely lacking.

Being chronically sleep-deprived and currently over-busy, I sent out a call for help from my authors. And they rose to the challenge. I did not want TBD to stagnate, since there are many who view TBD each day (3 digits, but that’s still an impactful position, considering the number of blog authors who read this site), so I sent out my call for help to prevent stagnation. And my authors rose to the challenge, providing plenty of material upon which to ruminate.

Thank you, authors. You are a major reason why TBD has the successful outreach it has achieved.

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