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Maryland Judge Helps Terrorist Perjuror Shred First Amendment To Destroy Honest Man

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/06/04

Brett Kimberlin who was convicted of more than 33 crimes, including setting off bombs that maimed people and led to a man’s death, perjury, forging Federal Government documents in order to acquire the bomb-making materials to create the bombs he set off and maimed people leading to death, drug-running, and more, has once again perjured himself in court. This time in Maryland, before a Maryland judge who lives not in Maryland but in the Caribbean (where the US Constitution is not the Law of the Land). And that Maryland Judge did everything he could to absolutely shred the First Amendment to the US Constitution in his endeavors to help a felon who was sentenced to 50 years behind bars in 1981 destroy Aaron Worthing, who only told the truth about Brett Kimberlin.

Patrick Frey, whose day job is as a Deputy District Attorney but blogs as himself (that would be Patterico) and not as an officer of the court online, has the audio. And a bleg. He is calling for The Army of Davids to transcribe the important parts of the audio of Aaron Worthing’s day in court, where Kimberlin committed perjury yet again and the retired Maryland judge living in the Caribbean who was called to sit in judgment of Aaron Walker (Aaron Worthing is his blog name) worked together to destroy Aaron’s First Amendment Rights and take away his freedom.

Calling all US Constitution and US Declaration of Independence lovers!

Do your part! Help Patterico transcribe the violations of the First Amendment, the perjury, and more! And if you cannot do that, do as Truth Before Dishonor is doing! Spread the word! Do not let terrorists destroy our Constitution and the people!

All that is required for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.
If not you, then who?

If you stand silent now, while someone else is being mercilessly destroyed, in complete opposition to our Founding Documents, who will remain to stand for you when the tyrants, terrorists, evil people come after you?

Patterico’s article, call to arms, and bleg:


Crowdsourcing Request: Help Transcribe the Best Parts of Aaron Walker’s Hearing

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Lee Stranahan has published the audio of the hearing where Aaron Walker was arrested for blogging about a public figure.

Ssshhhh. We’ll keep it under wraps for now. It’ll be our secret: just you Patterico readers and me. (And Stranahan readers, and Jawa readers, and . . .)

All I’ll say for now is: my report of the events of the hearing is completely vindicated, as is David Hogberg’s. This is a clear-cut case of a First Amendment violation — about as clear-cut as you’ll ever hear.

Always trust content from Patterico.

Our plan is to release a post on Monday morning with the audio and the best bits transcribed. Ideally, Lee will do a video.

I’ve taken a rough cut at a few passages, but I had to work on a trial before I could transcribe the rest. To save you time, I’ll give you the parts I partially transcribed:

At 9:58:

KIMBERLIN: Last week, he got all these bloggers all over the country to create Let’s Blog About Brett Kimberlin day. Over 350 bloggers blogged that I framed him. And that led to a number — probably scores of death threats. . . . They threatened my daughter, who is a preteen, my mother, they called on the phone and threatened SWAT teams –

WALKER: Your honor, I would like to object here. He is characterizing the statements of third parties –

THE COURT [to Aaron]: You got any clients?!

At 13:53:

WALKER: And you were known as the “Speedway Bomber,” were you not?

KIMBERLIN: I don’t know that.

He doesn’t know that he was known as the Speedway Bomber.

WALKER: You don’t know that you are known as the Speedway Bomber? Do you not know that you — you never read this before in your life?

KIMBERLIN: I’ve read a lot of things.

At one point, Kimberlin claims that the civil judgment against him was “thrown out” and is “considered satisfied.” Since these statements are false, I’d love for them to be fully and accurately transcribed as well.

At 40:30:

WALKER: It is my right under the First Amendment to talk about what this man did to me. It is my right to tell the world what he did to me. Galloway vs. State –

THE COURT: Within reason, my friend.

There is much more in this hearing that is gold. Listening to the audio, I am struck by how much more respect I have for Aaron, and how much less respect I have for the judge, than I did based on the published reports.

Again, leave your efforts at transcription in the comments. With luck, we can put all the best parts in a video to be released on Monday morning, which will be publicized far and wide.

I am not asking for a transcription of the whole thing. I am asking you to listen to the file, pick out the most outrageous parts, and provide an accurate and usable transcription, as well as the time when the notable passage occurs.

Make sure you read the comments first to see if someone has already transcribed your favorite passage.

This must be done quickly. Every minute that a judge’s order prohibits Aaron from blogging about a public figure, his free speech rights are being violated. This must end as soon as possible. Again, our goal is to get out a comprehensive post on Monday morning.

So get cracking!

This is a situation where you can truly advance the defense of the First Amendment in a tangible way. By accurately transcribing the most shocking parts of this hearing, you can help end this injustice.

Here is the audio:

Release the Army of Davids!

See Patterico’s site for the audio. Listen to it. Join in, however you can. Save this country from rogue Judges (like Maryland judge CJ Vaughey, who lives in the Caribbean) who trample the US Constitution under foot while protecting perjurers who lie in court to destroy honest people.
Permissions declaration.

If you like what you read and you know Brett Kimberlin’s history, feel free to hit my tip jar found in my sidebar.

I strongly urge everyone to read my permissions declaration! I strongly urge everyone to quote in their entirety all Kimberlin articles Truth Before Dishonor has republished from Aaron’s blogsite or from Patterico’s Pontifications and declare they were republished from Truth Before Dishonor! Copyright law is behind you, as I have gained permission to quote in toto their Kimberlin articles, and I am granting you permission to quote in toto Truth Before Dishonor’s Kimberlin articles until further notice.

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How Obama Loses In 2012: Obama’s Actions

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/06/04

This is a follow-up to my previous article. (Again, originating as a comment on The First Street Journal.)

According to the US Census Bureau, the fastest growing part of the US is the South (not to be confused with the southwest). And, with the Census Bureau’s delineations, the South consists of 38 percent of the US population. (There are four regions.) The Northeast and the Midwest combine for 122.2 million people. The South alone stands at 114.6 million people. And the West has 71.9 million people. And nationally, Democrats are pretty much giving up on the South as a whole, ceding basically 38 percent of the electoral college to Republicans right out the gate. That means Democrats must win the states in the other 3 regions basically 9 – to – 1 (by electoral college numbers). An 8 – to – 1 Democrat win in the other 3 regions would mean a Democrat loss nationally.

So, the Democrat Party, with Obama as its titular head, has given up on the South. How is he doing with the rest of the nation? Reports have him giving up on white, middle class blue-collar workers, who did a lot of work to get him elected in 2008. Oops. Lost votes, some of which will vote Republican this time and others who will not vote for President or will cast a protest vote for a Third Candidate. Baraka alienated a great many Catholics, who traditionally vote Democrat, by telling the Roman Catholic Church that it absolutely must commit immoral acts if it wants to continue its charitable work. Big oops. Baraka alienated a not-so-small number of black pastors, who lead black churches (and thus, their flocks give much heed to what they say) by declaring himself a homosexual “marriage” proponent. Big oops.

Now, while The RCC constituency which traditionally vote Democrat could very well swing Republican — doing great harm to Barack’s goal of winning a second Presidential election — the black church constituency will likely not vote Republican in any major way. There will be more blacks voting Republican this time around than last time (percentage-wise), as Obama won an historic 97 percent of the black vote (making blacks the most lock-step, monolithic voting sub-group in US history), but overall, this huge outcry of horror from black pastors will mostly suppress the black vote. Many of these black pastors, who hold sway in their churches, have declared they cannot, at all, vote for Obama, but they will not, at all, vote for a Republican. That leaves not voting or protest voting Third Party. And Obama loses those votes, without picking up any votes (only scads of cash from rampant radical Leftists).

Every step of the way, these past 3+ years, Obama has alienated one base sub-group after another, without adding a single sub-group to his re-election bid. Every state’s voting output will shift more Republican as a result. Every state. It’s only a matter of degree. It’s called “focusing on the margins” and it’s not looking good for Obama at all. However, it is looking very beneficial for the survival of the US.

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