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Don’t Tell The Liberal Trolls

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/05/31

But elected Democrats are jumping parties to the Republican Party. Nice Deb has a lengthy, but far from exhaustive, list of elected Democrats running for reelection as Republicans.

If it were just one or two stories, I wouldn’t think much. Pols that never quite fit in in the first place, finally leave their party – it happens – jumping Jeff Jeffords, Joe Lieberman, and Arlen Specter come to mind.

But what we’re seeing here in the age of Obama – is something else altogether. He was supposed to stop the rise of the oceans but it looks like he’s stopping the rise of the Democrat party.

Am I exaggerating? Just look at all these recent defections – I think I detect a pattern, here.

Another important matter to make sure you don’t tell the Liberal trolls: Not all the elected Democrats who are becoming Republicans are white. Also, not all of them are men. Just what are the racist Democrats (and they are racist, since they call non-white Republicans “race traitors”) and the sexist Democrats (and they are sexist, since they declare Republican women to not be authentically female) to do?

This harkens back to the 1994 Republican wave, where Democrats jumped that sinking ship to become Republicans. But, as Nice Deb asked, are they really leaving the Democrat Party? Or did the Democrat Party leave them? Just as the 1994 jump showed, and as Rick Perry who went from being a Democrat Texas Legislator to being a Republican Texas Governor, and as Ronald Reagan who went from being a Democrat to being a Republican, it isn’t they who left the Democrats, but the Democrats who have left them.

The Democrat Party is quickly becoming the Democrat Socialist Party. And that leaves little room for sane people. Very little room for sane people within the Democrat fold.

Oh, as an aside, many of these Democrats-turned-Republicans have done so due to Barack Obama’s actions. See the above link for verification.

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  1. When some melanin-enhanced elected Democrat dude who worked hard in 2008 to get Obama elected President decides, less than four years later, to become a Republican because of Obama, you got yerself a heap o’ trouble.


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