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I would rather be right than popular


Posted by Yorkshire on 2012/05/30

8 Responses to “Iris”

  1. Genie said

    Absolutely gorgeous!


  2. Yorkshire said

    Thank you Genie.


  3. Genie, for some reason, I cannot access your blog site. It may be on my end but it may not. My connection to your site constantly switches from grey counter-clockwise spinning (meaning connecting to your site) to green clockwise spinning (meaning opening your site) and back to grey again. I would love to see your site (especially since you sent a 2-word comment to mine).


  4. Yorkshire said

    John, I just went to her site. It’s up and runnin’


  5. And for the record, I saw Genie’s comment in the moderation filter (due to first comment moderation on this site) and left it up to Yorkie to decide what to do with it, as he is one of my authors with editor privileges.


  6. Then, yorkie, it’s on my end. But I would still love to see the site.


  7. But I wish you hadn’t posted that photo of an Iris. My Ohio home had over 100 Irises. My Texas home has … a clump of weeds that I kept as-is because they make a good counterfeit of ornamental grass.

    Bleh. 😦


  8. Yorkshire said

    Uh Oh, I posted another one John. At least I’m not a McCoy being in the North (2 miles north of the Madon-Dixon Line. btw, I found about a dozen of the stones)


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