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If You Are Coming Here for the First Time Today #BrettKimberlin

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/05/29

Maryland Judge CJ Vaughey may not live in a country governed by the US Constitution but every one of Truth Before Dishonor’s authors do.

UPDATE: I thought I was being snarktastic when I added the above sentence to my blog posts yesterday, but it turns out I was far more accurate than I had thought. I thought Maryland Judge CJ Vaughey actually lived in, you know, Maryland. It turns out I was mistaken. He lives in the Caribbean, where the US Constitution and the First Amendment is not the Law of the Land. And he declared his lack of interest in US Supreme Court rulings, which ran counter to what he did. For more information, read the Conservative Commune and Patterico’s Pontifications. And I fully intend to republish Patterico’s article here.

The below article (with the above title) was originally written by Aaron Walker, a Virginia attorney who blogs under the name of Aaron Worthing on 20120525:

A few links to help you sort things out if you are coming here for the first time today.
First, start here where you get to read my blockbuster post describing how convicted terrorist Brett Kimberlin tried to frame me for a crime.  I know that sounds like hyperbole, but follow the links, read the post and you will realize it is not.  I prove my case with primary documents and even video evidence.  In other words, you don’t have to believe my word, just your eyes.  I admit it is long, but I have a lot to tell you.  And at the end, I will show you how you can help.
Then I would suggest you click over to Patrick Frey’s (a.k.a. Patterico’s) equally astounding post discussing how this same crew that has been harassing harassed him and one of them tried to get him killed.
And if you want to help out with this situation, there are two ways to consider.
First, today has been declared Everyone Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day.
Second, if you are inclined to give financial help to myself and Robert Stacy McCain to give us relief from our hardships, go to the National Bloggers Club Relief Fund For Aaron Walker and Robert Stacy McCain, here.

And of course everyone who is helping and supporting me today…  I give you my warmest thanks.

Update: It is beyond impossible to thank every single person who is linking, tweeting, facebooking, talking about Brett Kimberlin today.  There’s too many of you–which also means there are too many people to sue!  So I just wanted to thank all of you as a group.  This day has been awesome and its only halfway through.


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Permissions declaration.

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I strongly urge everyone to read my permissions declaration!  I strongly urge everyone to quote in their entirety all Kimberlin articles Truth Before Dishonor has republished from Aaron’s blogsite and declare they were republished from Truth Before Dishonor!  And examine the copyright law, showing my blanket permission to repost what is found on my site to be protection against any “copyright infringement”, making a rogue judge-coerced Aaron Worthing incapable of forcing you to take-down your article.

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