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My Local Police Department Doesn’t Know What SWATting Is

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/05/28

I called my local police department’s non-emergency line today. I talked to 3 different people, none of whom had ever heard of the term SWATting, and none of whom had ever heard of Brett Kimberlin. My local police department is responsible for protecting over 100,000 people from criminals. And they were totally unaware.

Now, I’m very much a micro-blog, so Kimberlin and crew are far less likely to try to SWAT me. But I am actively republishing articles written by two attorneys — one of them an assistant District Attorney in Los Angeles County — who are being actively intimidated and harassed, one of whom (the ADA) had been SWATted, so that does increase my risk factor somewhat.

But I let the local Law Enforcement know in advance, just in case.

For more information, check out Patterico’s Pontifications, Red State, Hot Air, and Michelle Malkin.

After having written this brief article, Aaron Walker, the Virginia Attorney who blogs by the name of Aaron Worthing, got SWATted.

2 Responses to “My Local Police Department Doesn’t Know What SWATting Is”

  1. Foxfier said

    Since you alerted them, they’ll also know to keep an eye out for blocked numbers making emergency calls, too.


  2. Foxfier said

    Reblogged this on Head Noises and commented:

    Folks might want to do this just so the police know it’s a possibility. I’d suggest a physical visit, myself.


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