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Brad Friedman and Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin: Practitioners of the Stalking and Thuggery They Claim to Decry

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/05/22

Originally published by Patterico.

[Welcome, Instapundit readers! This post has information about the anti-speech thuggery of convicted bomber Brett Kimberlin, and his business partner Brad Friedman, against me.]

At Big Journalism, Liberty Chick has posted on Think Progress’s whitewashing of convicted bomber Brett Kimberlin from the Chamber of Commerce/HBGary story. She concisely explains the background and echoes my findings regarding Think Progress’s decision to eliminate Kimberlin from the story:

Think Progress, a project of John Podesta’s Center for American Progress Action Fund, has been fiercely pushing a story about leaked emails that suggest the U.S. Chamber of Commerce was aware of espionage work being performed against American citizens by one of its private security firms. . . .

But the reports are noticeably silent on one crucial component of the story.

The primary focus of the Chamber’s investigation was actually none other than the organization known as Velvet Revolution, and one of its co-founders, Brett Kimberlin.

Recognize that name? That’s because we told you all about this convicted domestic terrorist, known as the Speedway Bomber, who in 1981 was finally convicted of a week-long bombing spree in Indianapolis, IN in which eight separate bombs caused extensive property damage, destroyed a police cruiser, and severely maimed a man, eventually leading to that man’s suicide.

I think Liberty Chick also makes some good observations about the tactics of the firm hired by the Chamber. Understand that they not only gathered information on opponents, but they also spoke of planting false documents purportedly by their enemies. We cannot sanction such activity, and it’s important to say so. Liberty Chick says:

In the end, I don’t agree with what HBGary Federal did or how any of the firms involved have handled this. Having been a target of such attacks myself of numerous occasions, I might have actually shared some common ground with folks like Brad Friedman and other leftists on this issue. But the left’s intentional deception makes it so difficult to do so.

To that I would add: their deception and their own use of thuggish stalker and harassment tactics makes it difficult to sympathize.

Let’s all remember how Brett Kimberlin stalked Karl Rove in a Safeway, conned Rove into posing with him by pretending to be Rove’s fan, and then took a picture of Rove’s car . . . complete with license plate. And let’s all remember how Brad Friedman published those photos on his blog.

As I revealed yesterday, Brett Kimberlin has written numerous e-mails to my bosses, complaining about me and calling me a stalker. In his latest, he said: “I have already reported him to the Bar and to the ethics board and have motions in court addressing his reprehensible conduct. He is very close to getting sued and having a criminal complaint filed against him for harassment and stalking.” In addition, two secretaries in my office told me that Kimberlin called them ranting about me, calling me a racist, a stalker, and saying he was going to get a restraining order against me. There is more.

And Brad Friedman? He sent a Twitter message to Steve Cooley complaining about me. He and his stooge Ernest Canning are constantly disparaging me in a dishonest manner while using my full name and job title — a tactic they share with the Charles Johnsons and Jeff Goldsteins of the world.

There is much, much more to their intimidation tactics. I’m not discussing it all publicly now. Subscribers who want further details are welcome to e-mail me for the full scoop. The stuff I’m not putting in the post is way worse.

So, while I totally disagree with the tactics of HBGary Federal, I also totally disagree with the stalkerish, dishonest, and thuggish tactics used by Brad Friedman and his business partner, Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin.

They are what they decry.

Not to mention: setting off bombs is a fairly serious form of harassment. And Kimberlin was convicted of doing that . . .

P.S. I should add that this current campaign of harassment is merely a microcosm of what Shirley Sherrod is doing to Andrew Breitbart. Just when he is breaking the Pigford story wide open, Sherrod is suing him. Could it be any clearer what she’s trying to do? Silence him — just like Kimberlin is trying to silence me and Liberty Chick with threats of frivolous litigation.

Thank God for people like Andrew Breitbart and Liberty Chick, who stand up for what’s right despite the risks. And for people like Ron Coleman, my lawyer in the Kimberlin matter, for standing up for me.

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You can read the other related Think Progress post here. My backgrounder on convicted bomber Brett Kimberlin, who is threatening to sue me for telling the truth about him, is here. He is a serial litigant who has filed over 100 lawsuits, so I am expecting this will happen soon.

Finally: although I have pro bono counsel, I would certainly welcome any help towards litigation costs and the cost of local counsel. If you want to help out, the donation buttons are on the right. Please consider becoming a “subscriber” and making a recurring donation of $9 per month. I expect to give special non-public litigation updates to subscribers if the lawsuit is filed.

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