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The TEA Party Absolutely Crushes Dick Lugar

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/05/08

Absolutely crushes. As in absolutely. As in an absolute, undeniable mandate. As in Dick Lugar, we don’t want you — at all. As in that absolutely.

Richard Mourdock won an amazingly unexpected, crushing, overwhelming victory over a 6-term incumbent Senator. And this in a Primary and not the General election. Those of Lugar’s own Party affiliation threw him out. They were fed up with his complete disregard for the people, with whom he had chosen not to live more than 30 years ago. Professor Jacobson put it this way:

It was a blow out, more than anyone expected. At latest count it looks like a 20 point win.

The Lonely Conservative had this to say:

Even if Lugar wasn’t such a squishy RINO, he’s been in Washington, DC long enough. Time for some new blood. Congratulations to Richard Mourdock and good luck.

As my most recent article showed, the LameStream Media and Democrats all over DC and the LameStream-o-sphere had declared a TEA Party victory over Dick RINO Lugar only meant a greater chance for a Democrat victory in Indiana. Well, busy Socialist scribes, what have you to say now that Lugar got beat like a bunch of egg whites in preparation for meringue?

From an AP article:

Some Indianapolis voters who weighed in at a southeast side polling station before work Tuesday said they felt it was time for a change in Washington and agreed with tea party activists on those and other issues.

Chris Creech, 27, a systems administrator at an insurance company, said he voted for Lugar in past elections but voted for Mourdock in this year’s GOP primary because he felt Lugar had become too liberal.

“I just think Lugar has become less conservative over the years and I think it’s time for someone new,” he said after voting at the Good Shepherd United Methodist Church.

Maurice Whittemore, 50, a state employee and registered Republican, said he had respected Lugar’s knowledge on defense issue but felt he had become too willing to compromise on legislation before the Senate.

“He’s from the old school, where they like to compromise. And compromise is OK except when you’re doing it and you know you’re not going to get anything in return but are just hoping you will,” Whittemore said.

Dick Lugar, the absolute squish without a backbone but supported by all the wrong people, went down in an abysmal defeat. It was an absolute bone-shattering defeat (which is more severe than a mere bone-crushing defeat). Those who say the TEA Party is nuttin need to re-evaluate. The TEA Party did this. We The People did this. The Ruling Class Republicans just got diaper rash today. And the Democrats and their scribes are spinning like a dreidel, hoping beyond hope to come up with a plausible explanation why the outcome is favorable to someone who is far to the Left of the absolute squish Lugar in a Republican-dominated State. But the dreidel spinning will be of no use, since Providence is not with the Socialists who currently run the US and hate Israel. No use at all.

A crushing defeat of a RINO-tastic 36-year sitting Senator… during a Primary. Glory be.

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