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Self Control, Jerks and Musings

Posted by Foxfier on 2012/05/08

From facebook.

Came to mind for a reason I’m not going to share, but that won’t stop me from musing this little bit:
Have you ever noticed that the same folks who tear into you for the opinions you share are the same ones who don’t seem to control themselves at all?

2 Responses to “Self Control, Jerks and Musings”

  1. Andrew said

    You should call the hypocrite police on them. Then laugh the whole time they’re carried off to the squad car. It’s called justice, and they can deal with it.


  2. Foxfier said

    *laughs* Good advice, but I’m never very good at that– it just gives them more ammo when I try to do it, and often requires dropping to their level. So I just hold my tongue or try to be delicate about it… which can really wear on the one or two nerves that I have!


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