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What Does It Take To Break A Court-Sealed Divorce Record?

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/04/27

When neither the former husband, who was running for office, nor the former wife, who wasn’t, agreed to break the sealed divorce documents, and there was no court injunction to break that court-decreed seal, what did it take to break that seal? Ask Barack Obama.

There are no laws permitting that sort of Contempt of Court. But Obama and his henchmen did just that in Illinois, home of the most corrupt political machine in the 21st Century. But since then, Obama has found himself in Contempt of Court in fact, in a Federal Court, while he was the sitting President.

Obama is above the Law and above the Constitution. Or at least he thinks he is. And his lemmings follow right behind him in Law violations, Constitution violations, Court Order violations, violations, violations, violations.

And he lies constantly. And he uses straw men, red herrings, poisoned wells, false dichotomies, all manner of fallacies to pull the wool over the ignorant people’s eyes.

But here’s my predicament. Mitt Romney lies, flip-flops seemingly hourly so nobody knows what he really believes (but I guarantee it is arsenic-laced), and has instituted the Father of ObamaCare, while to this day proudly declaring RomneyCare is Conservative. (Did you know RomneyCare depends on huge payouts by the Federal Government? And RomneyCare has caused Massachusetts health care expenses to increase faster tha the US? Yup, you Californians are paying for people in Massachusetts to get abortions.)

If Obama serves 4 more years as President, the US is dead and buried. If Romney serves 8 years as President, the US is dead and buried. If Romney wins the Presidency, the Conservative grass-roots movement is critically wounded. If Romney only serves 4 years after ousting the Socialist Barack Hussein Obama and is replaced by another Democrat, the US is dead and buried.

As far as I’m concerned, the only chance for the us is to vote Obama’s satanic Socialist ass out of there and replace him with Romney’s Socialist-lite ass, and then Primary Romney’s Socialist ass out of there in 2016. But I guarantee I will never vote for that pro-abort, pro-mandated health insurance, pro-“progressive” income tax, anti-Reagan, 3 sides to every issue, absolute squish Romney.

We absolutely need to vote in Constitutional Conservatives in both the House and the Senate (most importantly the Senate this time around (Vote Cruz! Vote Mourdock! Vote against Hatch!) in order to stop the Socialist agenda of which ever Socialist wins. And then we need to find someone to rally the grass roots against the Big Government Socialism of whichever wins. And when she steps up to the plate in 2016, I’ll vote for her in a heart-beat.

she hasn’t left my side-bar.

3 Responses to “What Does It Take To Break A Court-Sealed Divorce Record?”

  1. Yorkshire said

    Do you want BAD, or WORSE. The state of politics today.


  2. […] John Hitchcock certainly being one of them, and, despite the Editor’s endorsement and support of Governor Romney, my supportive co-blogger is absolutely free to express his opinion on that. ↩ […]


  3. resident-of-blue-state-MA said

    ‘ … Mitt Romney lies, flip-flops … and has instituted the Father of ObamaCare’; Update–be advised that the infamous, democrat-controlled Massachusetts State Legislature (and Gov. Deval Patrick) changed the legislation (amended) after Governor Romney signed it. The current Governor Deval Patrick is an 0bama buddy. Do you recognize the pattern here ….


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