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MSNBC Lied, As Usual

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/04/24

And a CBS reporter did her due diligence.

Sharyl Atkisson, left, and Katy Conrad, right, are two CBS reporters who have dared to seek out the truth, despite their bosses’ desire to push the Liberal agenda.

Everyone who is even remotely aware of the Truth knows that MSNBC is chock full of lies, servicing the radical Leftist agenda. Well, MSNBC lied about the Leftists’ current favorite bogeyman, the Koch Brothers and Koch Industries. Because the radical Left needs a bogeyman, even when they (always) have to lie about said bogeyman. CBS reporter Katy Conrad did her due diligence: she contacted Koch Industries. That makes her an anomaly in the radical Leftist mainstream media. And that makes her a pariah with the Obama administration and the Democrat power-brokers. Just like her CBS colleague, another woman, who is busily unearthing the criminal corruption that has cost hundreds of human lives that is known as Fast and Furious, and is being yelled at and censured as a result of her desire to unearth and report the facts.

In related news, the tax-payer funded and wholly Leftist media organization NPR completely neglected to report that someone feeding it information was very closely tied to a radically Leftist organization. But that’s a “dog bites man” story, since it is SOP for NPR to hide those exculpatory facts.

You want the truth? If you’re a radical Leftist, you can’t handle the truth!

Robert Stacy McCain (The Other McCain) #tcot retweeted this article and linked to this article from his front page. Thank you, RS McCain, for the retweet and link.

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  3. Yorkshire said

    Uh Oh, Random Acts of Journalism were committed.


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