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Celebrating The 64th Anniversary Of The Rebirth Of Israel

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/04/24

I’m on Arutz-7’s mailing list. I get Israel News Network mailings and mailings from some of their advertisers. And intentionally so. I got an email from people who want to teach me Hebrew online (and I would love to learn the Holy language of Hebrew but have neither the time nor the financial ability currently) announcing the celebration of 64 years after Israel’s “birth” which is, actually, Israel’s rebirth since Israel herself is thousands of years old. In that email was an offer of free Israel photos if I fill out a form. I did so. Beautiful photos.

"A land flowing with milk and honey."

Turning the desert wasteland into life-sustaining land.

Thriving Tel Aviv on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea

Israel's Capitol yesterday, today, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow.

Turning barren wasteland into a land teeming with life.

64 years ago, Jewish people who had suffered one of the most aggressive attempts to annihilate Jewry in the history of the world came flowing into their ancient homeland against all odds and against the wishes of the international community. From that point until today, and continuing onward into the future, Israel has had to defend herself from the massively superior — both numerically and in firepower — enemies in the region and across the world who want nothing short of the total annihilation of Israel and Jewry. And Israel has been extraordinarily successful, beyond that which is even remotely humanly possible. Because Adonai is with them. Because Yahweh will not allow His Chosen People to be extinguished. Period. (Full stop, for those using The King’s English.) Not only has Israel succeeded beyond human capacity in defending herself from all her foes wishing her total destruction, she has also turned a barren, life-killing desert wasteland into “a land flowing with milk and honey.”

Barren land that Israel gains becomes agriculturally rich and self-sustaining land in very short time. And the reverse is also true. Land that Israel has turned into agriculturally rich and self-sustaining land; land that Israel has turned into money-making tourist destination; land that Israel has turned into economically booming land; that land, when turned over to Israel’s enemies in the hopes of shalom become barren once again. But it becomes worse than when Israel possessed it as it is not only barren, but filled with the ruins of a previously highly successful society, all the while housing large numbers of people who are absolutely incapable of sustaining themselves, but are only intent on eliminating Israel and Jewry from the face of the world map.

When Israel gained control of the Gaza Strip in a self-defense war to keep herself from being wiped off the map, the Gaza Strip was a barren desert that could not, at all, sustain life. Israel made it “a land flowing with milk and honey.” When Israel turned it over to the Palestinian terrorists in the hopes of shalom, the Palestinian terrorists who had no desire at all for shalom not only destroyed the land’s ability to sustain the people but also turned it into a terrorist haven from which to further its hate-filled goals to kill all Jews and to destroy Israel.

Israel pumps hundreds of millions of gallons of the life-blood of all peoples — fresh water — into lands that don’t have that life-blood, lands that want nothing less than for Israel to cease to exist and for all Jews to be eradicated, in the hopes for shalom. Israel is prosperous because of her people’s blood and sweat. Israel is an agricultural behemoth because of her people’s blood and sweat. Israel is a massive exporter of fresh water because of her people’s blood and sweat. Israel is in existence today despite the gargantuan odds against her because of her people’s blood and sweat. And all of this also because Providence will not let those who curse Israel — His Chosen People — succeed.

Israel, a land roughly the size of New Jersey, has succeeded against all human and Satanic odds against her, yet she only wants shalom. She has given up massive chunks of land for shalom. She has given up the Golan Heights for shalom. (The Golan Heights are Israel’s Sudetenland (see: Hitler and Czechoslovakia).) But all the nations surrounding Israel, all the Communist nations, all the Liberals in the US, especially Barack Obama and the absolute nutball Ron Paul, are arrayed against Israel. They have absolutely no desire for shalom in Israel. They want Israel dead.

“I will bless those that bless you and curse those that curse you.” — The Almighty, speaking to Israel.
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6 Responses to “Celebrating The 64th Anniversary Of The Rebirth Of Israel”

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  2. Foxfier said

    I have a little Rosary from the mall– made by Christians in Israel, I believe. The lady selling them was a little…loose on her grasp of English, but the note card says “the Holy Land” and is at least specific in its claim of Christian families, so close enough. (I say she was loose on her grasp because she spent several minutes explaining to me that it wasn’t jewelry. Says something about Seattle, I guess.)

    Lovely, solid black stones and really good metal; one of my most prized possessions. (Also able to stand up to toddlers or babies grabbing said chain on the few times I do try to use it. The Rosary really isn’t my style, but…such peace.)

    How could someone not cheer for such an underdog as Israel?


  3. Yorkshire said

    The Israelis made the desert bloom. Why haven’t the Palis do the same???


  4. Foxfier said

    After watching the antics of various revolutionary folks who don’t get the great thing we’ve got going here and what goes into it… I think it’s because the Palestinians can’t trust that something they build will stay theirs.

    That’s the basis of agriculture. You set a field up, plant it, nurture it, and if there’s a harvest you get to keep it.

    Would you believe that of so much as a tomato plant in Palestine?


  5. Dana Pico said

    Foxfier wrote:

    That’s the basis of agriculture. You set a field up, plant it, nurture it, and if there’s a harvest you get to keep it.

    Would you believe that of so much as a tomato plant in Palestine?

    Remember when the Israelis evacuated the Gaza Strip? There is a famous incident of them leaving behind a well-equipped, fully functioning large greenhouse for the production of vegetables, there for the Arabs to use. The Arabs simply destroyed it.


  6. Foxfier said

    That’s part of what got me started on that line of thought.


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