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Barack Hussein Obama Booed At Fenway Park

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/04/21

If a very Boston crowd, a very New England crowd, a very Liberal crowd actively boos Barack Insane Obama, what do you think “fly-over country” feels about this radical Socialist race-baiting Tenth Commandment-violating gun-grabbing Catholic-hating Israel-hating Constitution-torching narcissistic false god?

The oceans began to recede.
He brought us out of darkness and into the light. (Micah, Matthew, and, according to Michelle, her husband Barack)

3 Responses to “Barack Hussein Obama Booed At Fenway Park”

  1. Yorkshire said

    When his base constinuents boo ya, it’s time to pull an LBJ in ’68.


  2. E.Rankin said

    The pathetic level of derisive/devisive rhetoric exhibited by these comments should be recognized for what they are — the rantings of deeply disturbed and barely functional individuals. Stay on your meds, people. You can criticize the programs of your government, but nasty personal invectives against a duly elected President of the United States are unnecessary and do little to effect positive change. Grow up!


  3. Do me a favor, E.Rankin, and put down your BusHitler, Chimpy McHaliburton, Dictator Walker signs before you start pushing your totally dishonest and absolutely hypocritical radical Leftist boilerplate here. Your man Baraka Hussein Soetero-Obama declared that “the adults are in charge now” and immediately went on every lie-filled personal attack in the book, replete with outrageously and intentionally dishonest straw men. Barry went full-on juvenile delinquent while holding himself up as a god. And if you don’t like reading that, then go some place that lies, like The DNC.


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