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So That North Korean Rocket Was A Dud

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/04/13

The First Street Journal has the report and some rather poignant commentary. As I was listening to WBAP 820-AM out of Dallas on my way home, I heard the good news. The Rocket went up, and at roughly the point where the first stage separates from the second stage, all the radars trained on it saw a much larger blip, like that of an explosion. Within moments, the rocket was no longer on any radar screen. And you betcha the US Military was watching. And they lost all contact with the rocket within moments of the separation stage, which had a much larger signature than would be expected.

WBAP reported that, because of the missile launch, the US has decided not to send that food relief they had planned to send to North Korea. It’s a rather weak protest, I know, but… North Korea absolutely depends on the entire world to feed its people and to keep its government supplied with free money and free munitions and free equipment. Communist China mostly.

With this aggressive, belligerent move from an out of control rogue state, Communist North Korea suddenly became that much poorer (if that is even possible at this stage, what, with their people eating grass and dirt).

You know, I have to wonder how much business Communist North Korea lost with their failed launch. All those terrorist organizations plus Iran looking to Communist North Korea for their hate-filled, anti-Semitic, anti-West plans. And it all went up in an inglorious fireball.

6 Responses to “So That North Korean Rocket Was A Dud”

  1. While I am not the biggest critic of Obama foreign policy you will find, I think that it’s telling that they somehow screwed up making it clear that the launch would be linked to the denial of food-aid. It’s not that I disagree with the repercussion–it’s “how was that not clear!?”

    Additionally, I feel real sympathy for the technical launch team: I’m sure they and their families are suffering the consequences of their failure.


  2. Dustin said

    I love that picture. It says a lot. Best year of my life was spent in South Korea. Great people and an amazing country. The ugliest symbol of communism and tyranny are those fat North Korean rulers lording over a country with a starvation epidemic.

    I don’t know whether I want North Korea to lose tons of business selling weapons or if I want our enemies to rely on North Korean crap that doesn’t work. Too bad I can’t pick both.


  3. North Korea has been in a famine state since the day before The Shout Heard Round The Universe (Let there be light). And the food aid pretty much either rots on the docks or gets sent to the tyrants and their military, but not to the people.


  4. The problem with North Korea is that eventually it’s going to collapse–either messily or catastrophically–and flood South Korea (and, to a lesser degree) China with refugees who are either too damaged to be well integrated or just damaged enough to be integrated as org-crime. This is one possible ‘end-game’ for South Korea but either way, it’s a huge problem that there’s no easy answer to (other than propping up the regime and hoping a miracle happens somewhere down the line).

    Other problem: absent US aid, selling a nuke would be a way to keep food rolling in.


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