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How The He** Do You Contact Google?

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/04/12

I’ve gone through multiple Google pages and links and links from links from links… Easy access and transparency and support my callous-encrusted foot! “Contacting Us” does not send me anywhere near where I can “contact” them! Of course, I could go on their Forum and chatter! But does anyone with a brain consider that “contacting” them? NO! I have an issue and I want to contact THEM! Not a bunch of loudmouth clowns on some forum somewhere!

So, how bout it, Google? Do you actually want people who use your products to contact you or not? From the looks of things, with what I call a severe lack of “truth in advertising”, you absolutely do not want to be bothered by the people who use your products!

Try a little integrity! A little forthrightness! It might even make you — gasp — responsive to your clientele!

I may only be small fish with my micro-blog only reaching a couple thousand visitors per month, but I’ve already seen other small fish with their own couple thousands decide some of your products have become worthless to them. And they’ve reported as much to the blogosphere! And now I’m reporting that you make it nearly impossible to find an actual, you know, email address to contact you privately about a problem, instead of airing dirty laundry out for the entire public to see!

Shame on you, Google!

Do you dare even pick up the gauntlet?

One Response to “How The He** Do You Contact Google?”

  1. Jess said

    Google reminds me of the government. Lots of promises, bureaucracy and constantly hiding from the people that make them possible.


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