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Small Time Truth Before Dishonor Shows Off Its Success

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/04/09

Truth Before Dishonor is a micro-blog along the same lines as micro-breweries. In that, I mean that, on the aggregate, Truth Before Dishonor does not reach very many of the blog-reading public (which I would like to see changed) but has numerous products which are in my (not so humble) estimation high quality. It’s just for a more refined palate and a more narrow consumer band than I would prefer (the consumer band, not the palate). But as a micro-blog, Truth Before Dishonor has been relatively successful.

The above data are my internal viewership data, which is different than both my sitemeter data and my flag counter data. My internal viewership data tells me directly that none of my page views on my own site count. I have reason to believe that none of my editors’ viewerships count, either. And that’s a good thing. The numbers don’t represent the couple months TBD was a Blogger site, before I switched it to a WordPress site. (One rule to improve readership is to link to sites that allow trackbacks and pings, to increase your readership. Blogger makes pings and trackbacks very difficult or impossible to do.)

Looking at the statistics, it is very easy to detect where TBD got a major viewership bump from a trackback to Hot Air very early on in TBD’s existence. One can also declare with relative accuracy where TBD started its dormancy, and with absolute accuracy where TBD ended its dormancy. The slide-off seen in the renewed activity stage points to TBD’s not wholly following my Rule 1 (be consistent), in that TBD stopped posting daily and started posting sporadically. And this month’s jump is a direct result of a closer adherence to Rule 1 and an emphasis on Rule 5 (along with prominence on The Other McCain, which would fit in Rule 6 since I have actively sought — and received — attention from The Other McCain). Also note TBD’s recent foray into Rule 5 has also followed Rule 1: be consistent. The two most recent articles that followed Rule 5 actually used it to promote actual articles and not just pretty faces (and bods).

The statistics above show where TBD was actively following the rules I laid out (piggy-backing on RS McCain’s superior rules) and where TBD was negligent in following the rules. But clearly, TBD and its multiple authors has been successful in garnering a share of the politically aware crowd. And TBD is a plateaued growing site. Plateaued due to insufficiently following the rules, and growing due to following the rules.

And TBD’s Rule 1(a) is the most important.

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