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Congratulations To Our Homeschool Journey!

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/04/09

Truth Before Dishonor has received its 50th “like”! That honor goes to Our Homeschool Journey.

As a former home school parent (who did absolutely all the work and paid absolutely all the money without the aid of my former wife to whom I was married at the time), I fully support Home Schooling over the absolutely and abysmally failed Leftist-run and Leftist-indoctrinated “free” Public Education systems. In that, I fully support “Our Homeschool Journey” and its desire to support home-schooling. But, as a circumcised man and a staunch Bible believer and Jew & Israel supporter, I cannot at all support the idea that “circumcision is unnecessary”. At all. Ever.

But if you’re into Home Schooling, you might want to check out TBD’s 50th “liker”, Our Homeschool Journey.
This has been an unpaid non-endorsement of “Our Homeschool Journey”, the 50th “liker” on Truth Before Dishonor.

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