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An Excellent Blog To Read

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/04/08

I decided to check out who is subscribed to Truth Before Dishonor, to see who found us worthy of being followed. So I began to examine the list. “I think I know what this one’s about. This one is watching his opponents. Yep, I follow Head Noises (which has completed the move to WordPress), too. Vip Ogola? Who’s that?”

Well, I’m glad I decided to find out who Vip Ogola is. Apparently Vip Ogola is a widower with children, based on my quick scanning of his blog. Also, it appears he lives outside the US (pick up a packet of milk so we can share some tea). And he appears to be very much a Christian. More accurately, he appears to be a Messianic Zionist Jew and, as we are a predominantly Christian Conservative, clearly Pro-Israel site (see the above tabs), we are honored to have one such as Vip Ogola following us.

And those who read Truth Before Dishonor should read Vip Ogola’s Blog. Since his blog is very much straight out of the box in format, with no bells and/or whistles, I have no idea what his readership is. But I know it’s not enough. His articles are very much Christian and are very high quality in my estimation. His very first article (second, since he did not delete the out-of-the-box article WordPress gives for each and every new blog) is a must-read.

I need a friend who will listen to Leroy and Shuku and hear them in a way am unable…and because she loves me too, tell me what they were saying. I need a friend who will hold devotions with my children when I am away, and teach them from The Heart of God exaclty what they needed to hear for the day. I need a friend who will translate me to my children, because she has heard me and she loves them.

I need a friend who will keep me focused on God The Answer. Today I need a friend who will not take this day for granted…this battle as a small one because I have faced it before..but who will hold my hand and bring me before The Throne of God…and say “Let’s Ask God about that” and then do. Today I need to tell my friend, that my friend has died…and that I have felt weak, cold, unable to move, and could she hold my hand so we could go where people go when their friends are gone?

But I think all his articles (that I read and/or scanned) are must-reads.

4 Responses to “An Excellent Blog To Read”

  1. Hi John,
    I am truly humbled to read this. Absolutely so. God bless you.

    I am female, a single parent of two, and a friend of God. I am also a non-denominational Christian and I live in Kenya, Eastern Africa. My first blog ‘Today I need my friend’ was a tribute to my late friend and prayer partner Carol, who went to be with The Lord last August.

    God bless you.


  2. Foxfier said

    he appears to be a Messianic Zionist Jew

    *momentary ‘huh,’ then parses it*

    That is incredibly cool. Naturally, I wish everyone were Catholic, but that goes and busts the awesome bar to bits.

    I don’t have time to read right now, but that top post on the coolness of names bodes well. (I’ve got a post mocking the habit of folks to see cool coincidences as proof that it’s a made-up story bubbling.)

    And thank you for the nod!


  3. Thank you, Vip, for clearing up some of my misunderstandings. Also, thank you for following TBD and for commenting here. I’m sure I speak for my entire stable of authors in hoping you decide to be a regular commenter.

    And to all the readers who find this thread, Vip’s comment was her first on TBD, meaning it was in moderation. Foxfier had not seen that comment when she commented. Just to clear up the “order of events” matter.


  4. Oh, and Vip, your tribute to your friend Carol makes me cry. It’s a beautiful tribute to a wonderful friend. We should all have friends like Carol.


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