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Easter: The Most Holy Day Of The Year

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/04/08

Or is it?

Week of Passion…and Possible Divorce (God’s Perfect Timing) — Vip Ogola’s description of the week leading up to and including Easter/Passover Sunday. And I’d say that is a very apt description of all the events that took place from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday a little over 2,000 years ago.

What I’m about to deliver today will sound familiar to many who read my articles, because I’ve said it before on Truth Before Dishonor and the now archive-only Common Sense Political Thought, both of which had threads with worthwhile comments, although at CSPT, you have to scan through mostly rubbish in the comment section.

Easter is important.
Air is desirable.
Water has value.

There are many who consider Easter the most important celebratory day of the year. I may be one of them but I am not entirely certain. Let me explain my predicament, using a Progressive tool: Values Clarification (which is actually values modification).

You are planning a journey to colonize the moon. In your plans, you have to decide what to take with you. There will be no other trips to your colony for a year. You have limited space, so you will have to do without a lot of things you would prefer to have in order to make your life on the moon survivable. List these items in order of importance:

Housing unit
Cold-weather clothing
Hot-weather clothing
Excavation tools
Compressed air
Lunar maps
Lunar compasses

So, what did you decide was most important for your trip? Air, perhaps? Without air, nobody will survive longer than a few short minutes. Without water, nobody will survive more than a few days. Without food, nobody will survive more than a few weeks. Without proper shelter or clothing, it is highly unlikely you could survive a week. So it’s quite possible that air is the most important on the list. Or is it?

If you will not gain anything for a year, what importance is the fraction-of-year survival without a certain item compared to the importance of the fraction-of-year survival without a different item? No matter how you order it, if you’re missing one for that duration, you’re still just as dead after the year is up.

So, what celebratory day is more important? Easter, Christmas or Good Friday? Without Easter, there would be no Resurrection and thus no redemption of sin. There could be no Resurrection without the Crucifixion celebrated on Good Friday (which I believe is the wrong day). That means the redemption of sin could not occur. Without the Birth, there could be no Crucifixion. Without the Virgin Conception, everything is moot. Remove any one of these four events and the other three events lose all their value. Remove Jesus’ 33 years of sin-free life and all four events lose all their value. And, as Vip Ogola reminded me, if Joseph had divorced his betrothed Mary as she was pregnant with Jesus as he had strongly considered before Providence spoke directly to him, again, all would be moot.

So, in the grand scheme of things, can any of the events truly be ordered as more important than the others?

As I said, my earlier article discussing this issue provided some worthwhile comments from the readers, and even a philosophical/logical discussion or two. On the TBD article, my MUD-geek friend Adara (pray for her as she’s still emotionally healing from the recent loss of her mother, whom she talks about in that 2010 thread), who is Catholic, said I gave her food for thought and was mulling over what I wrote. She also asked why I suggested Good Friday may be the wrong day. I explained my reasoning and invited Jeff, a non-Christian Liberal Jew (who I don’t know is practicing or not), to delve into the math of it and the Jewish nature of it, Which he did.

As I said, the CSPT thread is mostly unrelated garbage but Tyro visited to give me article-related grief and I believe left with a better understanding than he started with. If you want to follow that particular conversation,
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4

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An Excellent Blog To Read

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/04/08

I decided to check out who is subscribed to Truth Before Dishonor, to see who found us worthy of being followed. So I began to examine the list. “I think I know what this one’s about. This one is watching his opponents. Yep, I follow Head Noises (which has completed the move to WordPress), too. Vip Ogola? Who’s that?”

Well, I’m glad I decided to find out who Vip Ogola is. Apparently Vip Ogola is a widower with children, based on my quick scanning of his blog. Also, it appears he lives outside the US (pick up a packet of milk so we can share some tea). And he appears to be very much a Christian. More accurately, he appears to be a Messianic Zionist Jew and, as we are a predominantly Christian Conservative, clearly Pro-Israel site (see the above tabs), we are honored to have one such as Vip Ogola following us.

And those who read Truth Before Dishonor should read Vip Ogola’s Blog. Since his blog is very much straight out of the box in format, with no bells and/or whistles, I have no idea what his readership is. But I know it’s not enough. His articles are very much Christian and are very high quality in my estimation. His very first article (second, since he did not delete the out-of-the-box article WordPress gives for each and every new blog) is a must-read.

I need a friend who will listen to Leroy and Shuku and hear them in a way am unable…and because she loves me too, tell me what they were saying. I need a friend who will hold devotions with my children when I am away, and teach them from The Heart of God exaclty what they needed to hear for the day. I need a friend who will translate me to my children, because she has heard me and she loves them.

I need a friend who will keep me focused on God The Answer. Today I need a friend who will not take this day for granted…this battle as a small one because I have faced it before..but who will hold my hand and bring me before The Throne of God…and say “Let’s Ask God about that” and then do. Today I need to tell my friend, that my friend has died…and that I have felt weak, cold, unable to move, and could she hold my hand so we could go where people go when their friends are gone?

But I think all his articles (that I read and/or scanned) are must-reads.

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