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Is ‘Pro-Life Woman’ Even Possible?

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2012/03/27

Pennsylvania Legislator Babette Josephs (D - Phila) (click to embiggen, if you dare)

Not according to a Democrat Pennsylvania Legislator from Philadelphia.

‘I don’t believe they’re really women. … I believe they’re men with breasts.’

Baby killer Kermit Gosnell, who did his heinous deeds in Philadelphia, and those like him thank you for all the business you send their way.

Where are all the feminist organizations? Why have they not denounced this Democrat misogynist, and stridently so? Oh, that’s right. The feminist organizations aren’t actually out to support all women or to protect all women from misogynist attacks. They only wish to protect Leftist women from misogynist attacks.

My mother is Pro-Life. My sister is Pro-Life. My daughter is Pro-Life. My cousins, both male and female, both by blood and by marriage, are Pro-Life. In fact, I don’t know a single member of my nuclear or extended family that is pro-abortion. And babs is accusing all the female members of my extended family of being men with boobs. But she gets a pass from the “don’t say bad things about women” crowd because she is a Leftist saying bad things about Conservative women (who don’t really count as women).

When you target a group of people as the source of your woes, then you dehumanize those people, you can kill those people without a pang of guilt, because you have rotted your own brain and propagandized the populace into rotted brains. And when people stand up and rehumanize those you dehumanized, you need to dehumanize the defendants of your victims you had previously dehumanized. And this is exactly what rotted-brained radical Leftists like Babette Josephs are busily doing. They have to dehumanize and de-womanize women who stand up for the Truth: that unborn babies are in actuality humans. Because the radical Left cannot stand for the Truth to be told or to be shown to those who have bought into the pro-abort Lie.

Target a group of people, blame them for holding people down, turn them into non-persons, turn society against them, then exterminate them, all legal-like.

And when people stand up to your evil, Alinskyite, satanic agenda, dehumanize them as well! Just like Babette Josephs is doing to women who refuse to toe the radical Leftist line. But she is not the only radical Leftist woman de-womanizing Conservative women. You remember that Tennessee Democrat who declared you have to lift the skirts of Republican woman voters to prove they’re women (because they don’t vote like women)? If you’re a politically astute Conservative, you absolutely know about that incident. But if you’re a radical Leftist, or if you’re one of millions of uninformed people (that would be ignorant people), chances are you haven’t heard much, if anything, about that. But I’ve covered that incident previously. And on more than one occasion. So has Michelle Malkin, Hot Air, Red State, Free Republic, Rush Limbaugh, and many, many others. (About 14,300,000 results in the above-linked search.)

As Tina Korbe in the very first link said,

Make no mistake: Feminism in its present day iteration does not teach us to use our freedom for something other than motherhood or for something in addition to motherhood. We all know women are capable of bearing fruit in a myriad of ways — not just by having children — and that they should not be denied opportunities to contribute to society in ways other than motherhood.

No, feminism seeks to actually take that freedom from us by obscuring the terms of the debate. A woman who does not know reality has no meaningful freedom to speak of because she has only false choices. A woman, for example, who thinks that she can become pregnant without becoming a mother is unable to make a meaningful choice between non-motherhood and motherhood.

Oh women, please don’t buy the lies! Wake up and claim the freedom that is your due!

What’s Babette complaining about? Women sponsored a Bill in the Pennsylvania Legislature that would require abortionists to show women the ultrasound videos of their babies they are planning to kill. And Babette tried to make that demand for information to be proof that these “men with breasts” don’t believe women can make informed decisions! The requirement to provide information the radical Left don’t want provided is proof that those who require that information be presented to women want women to be ignorant! Who, in his or her right mind, can actually claim that requiring information is a demand that people be uninformed? Only radical Leftists would make that claim!

Oh, and for a bit of Rule 5, a commenter on Hot Air provides the ultimate. Babette Josephs declared Kathy Ireland is a man with tits.

A "man with tits" who is Pro-Life

Babette Josephs wants to keep women ignorant. And Babette Josephs is declaring women who want to require women have more information to make their choices are not women at all, but men with tits. What is Babette Josephs working so hard to hide with her misogynistic hate-filled words?

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7 Responses to “Is ‘Pro-Life Woman’ Even Possible?”

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  2. If you’re a woman who wants abortionists to give other women more complete information in order to provide a better opportunity for an informed decision, the Leftist leadership has, on more than one occasion, declared you to be less-than-woman. As Dana Pico correctly declared on his site, the only people that are permitted to leave the Leftist plantation are white males and Jews (because the Leftist international agenda would necessarily mean the total annihilation of Israel). If you’re a black Conservative, you’re a porch monkey, an Uncle Tom, an oreo, a token black, a race traitor, etc, ad infinitum, ad nauseum. If you’re a Hispanic Conservative, you’re a race traitor and a blood traitor. If you’re a female Conservative, you need to lift your skirt to show the world you have the proper body part to be called a woman. Also, you’re only a man with gazongas.

    And if you’re a woman who is offended by the demand to lift your skirt to show your girly parts, or offended by the declaration that your gazongas don’t count, too bad for you. The radical Leftist “women’s” groups will not defend you at all. In fact, they’ll help the misogynists attack you.


  3. Please put a little warning before the dead baby pictures…they’re not as bad as many, but….

    That said, quite right; it comes to mind that the Left has a long history of trying to make women act like men with boobs, so why wouldn’t they accuse those who are traditionally feminine and feminist (equal, not identical– the real feminists knew abortion just made it so men could use and toss women aside) of doing such?


  4. Thank you, Foxfier, for your advice. I use NSFW for photos of improperly clad women (which I’ll more than likely put below the fold if I publish them at all) or for audio/video of people using the F-bomb or the word “nigger” or other NSFW language. But I refuse to put any warnings on photos of babies who died due to the results of abortionist activities. Those photos must be seen by as many people as possible to show exactly what abortion is all about: the premeditated murder of actual, living human beings.

    While the mothers may well be ignorant of the TRUTH, no abortionist is. And many pro-aborts who are not mothers are also ignorant of the TRUTH and they need to see for themselves the results of their stance. Just as the German people who “didn’t know” what was happening in their own lands and were forced to be shown (see my link on baby killer Kermit Gosnell), Americans who “don’t know” need to be shown. Instead of a warning, a mandatory viewing should be placed, for the good of all of humanity.


  5. But of course, Foxfier, as an editor yourself, you have the authority to police comments on your own articles here based on your own rules, should they be more stringent in certain aspects than mine are, as do all my other editors.


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