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Truer Today Than in 1948 – …. isms

Posted by Yorkshire on 2012/03/18

This animated production was made in 1948 concerning the creeping stealing of rights. Incrementally it has been done. It’s like a drip in a 55 gallon drum. One drop means virtually nothing, but eventually that drum will be filled and it will overflow. Or it’s been like boiling frogs. Put a few frogs in a pot of cold water and very slowly raise the heat under the pot to the point where the frogs don’t notice it, but by the time they do, they’re boiled. We’ve seen this in the last few weeks where a few words in legislation the majority did not want, is trying to strip first Amendment rights away from us. All of this has been going on since President Wilson, then pulled back, then President FDR, and half pulled back, and it seems each President has been taking a little bit here, a little bit there until we’re close to being the boiled frog. This animation is truer today than it was in 1948. “Make Mine FREEDOM”

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